Kung Fu

There are so many various styles of kung fu, and we’ll try to get to know you with similarities and differences between them, plus we’ve got detailed technical descriptions for you.

styles of kung fu

Styles Of Kung Fu

There are so many Chinese martial arts, but kung fu is one of the oldest fighting styles in the world. But there are so many different forms, over 200 styles exist in the world. Each one is known for its unique characteristics. Some are better in hand techniques and hand strikes, while others base the whole fighting art on kicks, takedowns, and weapon combat.

A man training outdoors in the middle of a Kung Fu stance

Kung Fu (Or Kung Foo?): Meaning And Explanation

“Kung fu” refers to any of various Chinese martial arts, especially the ones where sharp blows and kicks are applied to the pressure points of your enemy. In the Chinese community, the term kung fu is related to any skill acquired through learning or practice.

APIKA Traditional Kung Fu Shoes

APIKA Traditional Kung Fu Shoes Review 2024

If you’ve ever seen any fighting movie, especially any movie that starred Jet Li as the leading protagonist, you’ve definitely seen these shoes. The style of these shoes is called Old Beijing, and you won’t even feel that you’re wearing them, as they’ll sort of become a part of your foot.

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