Kickboxing Equipment for Beginners: Everything You Need to Have

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Kickboxing is a very demanding sport. This combination of kick-based Oriental martial arts and classical boxing has its own set of rules and is growing more popular in the West. But, beside being a professional sport, kickboxing can also be a good form of aerobic exercise for those of you who do not like direct fighting. But yes, the essence of kickboxing is the fighting and in order to successfully participate in the sport, there is some equipment you will need. 

Kickboxing equipment needed for beginners:

  • boxing gloves
  • mouthpiece
  • shin guards
  • ankle support wraps
  • headgear
  • hand wraps

Today’s article is dedicated to the basic equipment of kickboxing. Since it’s not, strictly speaking, a traditional martial art, the equipment for kickboxing is simpler and much more Western-like. So, what do you actually need to start doing kickboxing?

Boxing gloves

The essential piece of kickboxing equipment is, of course, the boxing gloves. This is something kickboxing took from traditional boxing and it’s expected that a sport that has “boxing” in its name uses regular boxing equipment. Kickboxers in the MMA use open-fingered gloves and although these can be used in kickboxing, it is advised that you chose regular (closed) boxing gloves over the opened-finger ones. The nature of boxing techniques is not completely suitable for MMA-based fighting. 

Although you can go as low as 8 oz (oz means ounces, and it is the standard measure for the weight of boxing gloves), it is suggested that you use bag or sparring gloves; 14 or 16 oz should be sufficient in this case. A good advice for you is that you use baby powder (talc) or Lysol with them in order to reduce the smell that will come because of the sweat from your hands. 


A mouthpiece (or mouthguard) is absolutely necessary. With the ratio of punches directed towards your face and jaw, it would be a suicide mission to enter a fight without a firm mouthpiece that protects your vital areas; a mouthpiece is good even when you just practice sparring. The mouthpieces are mostly made of silicone or some other rubber-based material, which is good because they lessen the impact of the shots. 

Be sure to regularly wash your mouthpiece as it can be a real source of unnecessary infections. 

Shin guards

The necessity of shin guards in kickboxing depends on what you’re doing. If you’re just kicking the bag, then they won’t be necessary. First of all, the bag is not going to hit you back; secondly, kicking the bag without shin guards will increase the power of your shot. But, if you’re going into a fight, shin guards are a necessity. They will decrease the chance of freak injuries and will protect a pretty vital part of your body. 

When choosing shin guards, you will have to pick those that can absorb a lot of force, thus reducing the power of the shot, but also those that are lightweight, so that they do not hinder or slow down your shot. 

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Ankle support wraps

Because kickboxing requires a lot of quick-paced footwork, your ankles are quite suspectible to damage. The lateral damage can be severe as you can sprain or twist your foot, which can, subsequently, send you to rehabilitation for quite a while. That is why kickboxers wear support wraps for their ankles, because they reaffirm the whole area and decrease the chance of injury. Support wraps are a good thing, even if you’re just practising and not doing any actual, competitive sparring. 


As with the mouthpiece, the headgear is also essential for the protection of your head and face. You shouldn’t save money on headgear, since it’s one of the most important parts of your defensive equipment. Head injuries can be not only dangerous, but also fatal (something which you cannot say for your ankle, for example). Your headgear needs to be strong enough to absorb your opponent’s shots, thereby saving not only your fight, but also your life. 

Headgear also needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid the stench and possible infections. 

Hand wraps

These little things work in coordination with the gloves, and their main goal is to protect your wrists from harm. They work on the same principle as support wraps for your ankles, so there’s no need to repeat what has been said above. 

And that is all the necessary equipment you’ll need if you want to start doing kickboxing. If you are just starting or deciding to start with your kickboxing journey, be sure to check out our kickboxing contentOpens in a new tab.. You might find some really helpful information. We hope we’ve provided all the info you needed and that we’ll see you next time!

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