APIKA Traditional Kung Fu Shoes

APIKA Traditional Kung Fu Shoes Review 2024

This is a review of APIKA’s Traditional Kung Fu Shoes.

If you’ve ever seen any fighting movie, especially any movie that starred Jet Li as the leading protagonist, you’ve definitely seen these shoes. So simple, so easy to wear, but in the hands of the right martial artist – absolutely powerful. These shoes are traditional wear in many Asian countries, and they’re preferred by the practitioners of martial arts.

Despite originating in Asia, these shoes have spread all around the world, and have become popular not only as training wear but as casual wear, as well. They’re breathable and light, which makes them ideal for wearing around the house. However, we’ll be taking a closer look at all that in the next part of this article.

Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look at these traditional shoes, how and why are they so popular, and what are the benefits of wearing them, be it for fighting or leisure. Let’s get started!

APIKA Traditional Kung Fu Shoes Overview

Iconic Design

The iconic design behind these shoes is something that’s instantly recognized by many. The black cover accompanied by white soles is a timeless design that’s become beloved by many people.

These simple canvas shoes are very comfortable to wear. Even though they’re made from simple fabric, they’re still going to offer a lot of stability for the foot. It’s important to keep your body stable when you’re fighting, as you’re going to want to avoid any form of injury. Staying injury-free is a very important aspect of an athlete’s career.

The style of these shoes is called Old Beijing, and you won’t even feel that you’re wearing them, as they’ll sort of become a part of your foot.

Foot Protection

These shoes were traditionally used in various Asian cultures, worn by trainees and masters of various martial arts, and they’re still used in that regard to this day. The reason they’re so good for this purpose is that they’re so light and don’t restrict the movement of the foot in any way, but still provide stability because of the sole that’s made from rubber. This way, you can stay assured that you’re always well-footed in the ground and that you’re not going to lose stability when you’re changing direction.

It’s often the case that a player has sprained an ankle when they’ve moved too suddenly and lost their footing. You can rest assured that this won’t happen if you’re wearing shoes that are keeping you grounded.

Another great way these shoes will be protecting your feet is by keeping them clean. Wherever you’re training, you won’t have to worry about the dirty floor, as you won’t be barefooted when you’re walking on it. Hygiene is the first line of defense when it comes to the human body, and you should always keep it in mind.

Various Uses

These shoes are also worn for leisure by many people. Not everyone is wearing them when fighting or training, and they’re so light and breathable that they’re enjoyed by many people outside the world of martial arts, and they’re surely going to keep that popularity in the coming days.

They’re so simple, comfortable, and light that many people prefer to wear them without any socks on, as they’re breathable enough to keep your feet fresh and keep the sweating down to a minimum.

They’re also a favorite to many people who want to wear them indoors, as they’re light and clean. They won’t be making your home any messier, but they’ll also be keeping you clean.

They’re available in more colors, not just black, and they’re also available in more sizes for men and women. They’re slipped on very easily.

It’s also suggested that wearers of these shoes don’t wash them in a washing machine, but rather do it by hand.

The one thing that’s not popular about these shoes is that they’re not that durable. If you’re just wearing them around the house, then they’re probably going to last for a few years, but if you’re wearing them outdoors, they’re probably going to fall apart after a season of wearing. The reason behind this is the simple cloth material used to make these shoes.

This makes them very simple, breathable, and light – yes. But it also makes them very easy to rip and the sole can part ways with the shoe very easily. However, these shoes are so ridiculously cheap that it shouldn’t be a problem. For the price these shoes are being sold at, they’re definitely going to fulfill their purpose.

Also, it is worth to mention, that there is always the option to recycle the shoes.

Pros and Cons

very light – these shoes have a good grip on your foot and they’re very light, you won’t even feel them on your footdurability – the shoes aren’t made of high-end materials and they’ll fall apart with time
good stability – the soles on these shoes are made of rubber, and they’re going to keep your foot very stable when you’re training and moving
breathability – these shoes are very breathable, ensuring that your foot’s sweating is brought to a minimum and that problems, like the athlete’s foot, are minimized
the price – this model of shoes is very cheap

Our Verdict

These shoes are great if you’re looking for something light and simple, yet breathable and supportive. However, you’re likely going to need to buy a fresh pair once a year, but at this price, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Gianluca Martucci, Gianluca Martucci is a personal trainer and an athletic trainer.
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Gianluca Martucci

Gianluca Martucci is a personal trainer and an athletic trainer. Since he was a kid, he has been a big fan of Martial Arts and Combat Sports: from Wrestling and now MMA to Karate and Kung Fu, for this reason he specialized in workouts for martial artistis. Our testing and reviewing method.
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