Martial Arts Master Turns 80 with 80 Pushups

Monday might have been a regular, redundant day for you. But a lot is happening in the world of martial arts, especially for the legendary John Worley, who continued his annual birthday tradition of one pushup per year and managed a feat of pumping out eighty pushups on his 80th birthday! Marking his birthday in style, Grand Master Worley successfully demonstrated that your age does not define your health and that strict discipline and self-care will have you doing wonders like the epitome of physical health, Worley, at his age.

Now for people unfamiliar with the iconic Grand Master Worley, he co-founded the National Karate Academy of Arts in Minnesota and earned his 10th-degree black belt in 2014. John Worley, along with his brother, began their martial arts training in the 60s in Texas and had the privilege of training under Texas’ legend and American pioneer J. Pat Burleson and Allen Steen, the mentees of the ‘Father of American Tae Kwon Do’, John Rhee. In the 1970s, the duo trained under Grand Master John Rhee as instructors at John Rhee Institute in Washington, DC. After rigorous training and years of hard work and sweat, Worley got selected as the ‘Instructor of the Year’, a profound achievement to have been selected by the esteemed John Ree from among many worthy black-belt-holding instructors.

To further their passion and lifelong dream, the brothers moved to Minnesota and established the National Karate Academy of Arts. Since then, not only have they managed to expand their business to thirteen academies in the Twin Cities, but have mentored many students in their quest to learn the art of Tae Kwon Do and earn black belts.

Grand Master Worley has always been an exceptional student when it came to martial arts. His outstanding performance has garnered him a lot of success and fame, so much so that he crossed paths with icons like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Master Worley continues to make headlines, and on Monday, cranking out 80 pushups on his birthday broke the internet. Despite having achieved what only a few can, Master Worley surprises with his confession of not feeling his age, leaving the world in awe. ‘There are days when I certainly feel like I’m 80. Most of the time I feel great. I don’t feel any different than I did ten years ago, really.’ Worley exclaimed.

Worley attributes martial arts to his upstanding health and stamina. Other than it being an excellent tool for self-defence, Worley encourages that it has lots more benefits than mental and physical conditioning.

Under Worley’s guidance and leadership, the world has come to understand the essence of martial arts and its benefits. Once considered a game, it has now evolved into a more complicated sport with newly discovered philosophies under the tutelage of John Worley that will leave you surprised.

We wish the icon John Worley the happiest of birthdays, may he continue to impart wisdom and guide us for years to come!

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