There are many styles of Karate. Despite it being a sport now, old-school strikes could hurt the opponent badly. Get to know the secrets of Japanese culture and secrets of one of the oldest martial arts on the globe.

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Karate Belt order: Ranking System Explained

An essential aspect of karate is its belt system that symbolize the level of knowledge each holder has. The lowest kyū is usually the 8th one (although there can be variations), designating a white belt, while the 1st kyū represents the highest rank a mudansha can achieve before obtaining a black belt; 1st kyū belts are brown in color.

All Black Open Martial Arts Uniform Review

All Black Open Martial Arts Uniform Review [2022]

Martial arts are, in most cases, the epitome of function over form. The All Black Open Martial Arts Uniform is a great martial arts uniform because it has almost all the traditional Japanese Gi should have, and it is also stylish, which is a rare (and sometimes looked-down-upon) sight in the traditional martial arts world.

Wesing WKF Sparring Karate Gloves Review

Wesing WKF Sparring Karate Gloves Review [2022]

With years of martial arts experience, and after having visited and trained in a number of dojos worldwide, I have come to highly appreciate good karate gear. If you are interested in starting karate, or even better, starting a career in karate which will definitely lead to tournaments and competitions, you will need a pair of high-quality gloves, and the Wesing WKF is the real deal.

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