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Hawk Sports Karate Uniform Review 2023

Today, we’ll be reviewing Hawk Sports’ Karate Uniform.

Are you looking for a good karate uniform at a low price? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you. In today’s market, it’s always difficult to find something good that is blessed with fair pricing, but this karate uniform is a great fit for that category. It’s important for you to know what you’re purchasing when you’re purchasing it, and that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in today’s article.

Join us in taking a more detailed look at Hawk Sports’ karate uniform that’s become a best seller in karate uniform sets on Amazon.

Let’s get started!

Hawk Sports Karate Uniform Overview


This karate uniform definitely takes pride in the mobility it offers. It’s providing a full unrestricted range of movement in all planes of motion, for low stances and high kicks. It’s always important for you to have a full range of motion when you’re training, as being weighed down by your kimono is never a good feeling.

You never want to feel the uniform being too constricting on the joints – the shoulders, the hips, and the knees. These body parts are crucial as they’re controlling your movement and your stance. Swinging your arms and feeling the stitching on the shoulders pulling your arm back is always going to distract you from what you should be doing, and when you’re buying a karate uniform, you always want to make sure that this isn’t the case.

Comfort is insanely important when it comes to a karate uniform, as uncomfortable uniforms are going to take away a great deal of your concentration, which will ultimately cause you to perform worse at your maneuvers.


This karate uniform has been constructed with very durable 8oz poly-cotton blend fabric to minimize shrinkage. You’re definitely familiar with the shrinkage of clothes after washing, and spending your money on a uniform just to see it shrink and not fit anymore is terrible, as you’ve just wasted your money. However, you don’t have to fear that with this uniform.

The pants on this uniform have an elastic band that’s going to assure that they don’t fall down, as it’d be quite embarrassing if you had to keep pulling up your pants during a fight. The double-stitched white karate uniform with reinforced stitching in all the right places is ensuring that it doesn’t rip through wear and tear.

The antimicrobial suit is ensuring that you’re safe from these microscopic animals that can affect your health and the state of the uniform.

This karate uniform also allows the karate suit to be personalized with club logos and associations, which is great if you want to be recognized as part of your dojo.

One thing has to be pointed out, though. Pure cotton is the most breathable material, and this is a poly-cotton blend, meaning that there are other karate uniforms out there with more breathability than this karate suit. The difference may not be drastic, as the suit isn’t made of plastic, but pure cotton uniforms offer much more breathability.

This package includes a complete karate suit with a white jacket, white pants, and a free white karate belt, so it actually makes for a decent Halloween setup if you’re not interested in the actual sport.


This is something we’ve mentioned early on – this is a cheap suit, but that doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the uniform. This is a real bargain, as you get a quality karate uniform while you don’t have to spend a fortune to afford it.

What’s awesome is that you also get a 5-year warranty when you purchase this uniform. The manufacturers have actually adjusted the sizing of the uniform due to complaints from users, saying “After taking customer reviews and comments into consideration, we have improved the sizing of the karate gi, now you can select the size according to the exact height measurement.”

It’s always nice to see manufacturers actually caring about the opinion of the buyers, and this is definitely the case with this suit. We would definitely recommend that you take a look at the sizing table before you buy the suit.

Pros and Cons

WKF approved – this karate uniform is following all regulations made by WKF, so you won’t be having any problems at tournamentsbreathability – because of the materials used in the manufacturing, this uniform isn’t too breathable
durability – double stitching ensures that you won’t be ripping this suit apart, while it’s also safe from shrinking due to machine washing
fair price – the suit is cheap and priced more than fairly
absolute mobility – this suit allows you to stay completely mobile, with a 360° range of motion
ultra-lightweight – the karate uniform has been constructed with very durable 8oz poly-cotton which makes it ultra-lightweight
a good fit – the design allows a good fit, while the elastic band will ensure that your pants aren’t dropping

Our Verdict

This karate uniform is definitely going to make for a great fit if you’re looking for something light that’s going to provide you with a full range of motion. It also comes with a 5-year warranty that you can use if there’s any ripping, but you should definitely know that it’s not too breathable. However, the uniform is made to be unshrinkable by the washing machine, and it makes for a comfortable fit.

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