WBC Belts Explained

This article is going to be a piece of cake for diehard boxing fans. There are many belts in boxing, but today, we will focus on WBC world title belts, their history, and the majority of title owners.

WBC Belts Explained
WBC Belts Explained

WBC Belts And Championship

WBC Belts Explained
WBC Belts Explained

There are 17 weight classes and four major sanctioning bodies in boxing, so tracking boxing world champions can be difficult. Yet, here is the list of WBC kings in the World Boxing Association:

  • Heavyweight champion – Tyson Fury;

  • Cruiserweight – Ilunga Makabu;

  • Light Heavyweight champion – Artur Beterbiev;

  • Super middleweight – Canelo Alvarez;

  • Middleweight – Jermell Charlo (note: Canelo Alvarez is the WBC franchise champion, while Carlos Adames is an interim WBC belt owner);

  • Junior middleweight – Jermell Charlo (WBC interim king is Sebastian Fundora);

  • Welterweight – Errol Spence Jr;

  • Junior welterweight – the title is vacant;

  • Lightweight – Devin Haney (Devin Haney is the WBC franchise champion);

  • Junior lightweight – the title is vacant;

  • Featherweight – Rey Vargas;

  • Junior featherweight – Stephen Fulton;

  • Bantamweight – Naoya Inoue WBC belt owner;

  • Junior bantamweight – vacant, Juan Francisco Estrada is the WBC franchise champ;

  • Flyweight – Julio Cesar Martinez, McWilliams Arroyo is the WBC interim division champ;

  • Junior flyweight – Kenshiro Teraji;

  • Strawweight – Petchmanee CP Freshmart.

The Green Championship WBC Belt

The WBC green belt means the most prestigious award for a boxer holding it, everybody dreams of having it one day. For example, it was given to heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali, but also Mike Tyson, Ray Leonard, Julio Cesar Chavez, and other top-notch stars of the sport.

The WBC Diamond Championship Belt

The diamond belt reflects a glamorous addition to a big fight, but it doesn’t mean more than the actual WBC belt. It is given to the winner of a historic fight between two high-profile boxers.

The Silver Championship WBC Belt

The Silver Championship is recognized in the boxing community as a replacement for interim titles (created in 2010, Justin Savi was the first to win it).

Technically, there’s not much difference between interim and silver champions, but the organization recognizes interim silver champions too. As of 2020, there are also Silver titles in women’s boxing too.

One important note: A silver title champ cannot instantly be promoted into an undisputed champion if the title owner vacates his strap.

The Eternal Championship WBC Belt

The WBC eternal championship is given to the fighters who have never lost the world boxing title and retired undefeated with a solid number of successful title defenses (for example, the eternal champion award was given to Vitali Klitschko).

The Emerald WBC Belt, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao, 2015

WBC Belts Explained
WBC Belts Explained

Floyd Mayweather Jr outworked Manny Pacquiao in a twelve-round war in 2015 to win the Emerald WBC belt. Manny Pacquiao was throwing a lot of quick strikes, but Mayweather’s defense was absolutely on point, his anticipation skills were too much for the Filipino.

The Golden Championship WBC Belt

Gold WBC belt is a unique variation of a green that is given in a fight. One can explain it by syntax “my blood is green, my heart is gold”.

Money Belt For Mayweather Vs. McGregor

The super welterweight fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr against Conor McGregor might have been the richest bout in boxing history. There was no world title but both Floyd Mayweather Jr and McGregor bagged enormous paydays.

The GGG Canelo WBC Belt

WBC Belts Explained
WBC Belts Explained

The WBC announced a special belt for the winner of the third fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin 3. It is called Zapoteca Belt, or the Jaguar Warrior Belt.

WBC Belts In The 20th Century

WBC champions didn’t exist in the early stages of boxing. Different boxing federations started appearing in the 20th century. Now it’s time to deep dive into the world of WBC belt history.

The first-Ever WBC Belt

The WBC was established in 1963, and the first belt was awarded in the 1960s. It used to look like a black leather or satin belt with a silver medallion. The name of the weight class was written on it.

WBC Belts 1970s-1980s

Adidas sponsored the first-ever gold and green belt in the 1970s. Then the strap was developed to feature a green leather gold center medallion. The boxer figure logo was present, and it was surrounded by the founder’s country flags, plus the flags of the countries of the world were present.

In the 1970s we’ve seen the side panel introduction for the first time, with the Adidas logo on it. The 3rd generation with golden side panels appeared in the 1980s, with the portraits of the great Muhammad Ali and Joe Lewis.

WBC Belts 1980s-1990s

The champs of this era were getting The Gold Platted WBC strap, which was supported by the portraits of Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, and other all-time greatest boxers.

Who Is A WBC Champion?

The WBC champion is the boxer who holds the World Boxing Council’s title in his weight class. He can also hold IBF, IBO, or a WBF belt in the same weight class, these are different organizations.

What Is The WBC Franchise Belt?

This is a bit harder to understand, but let’s try. The Franchise belt is the award given to the elite boxers who achieved and maintained the highest stature in this sport. It could be a long-time title owner or an elite boxer who achieved something really special in his weight division.

Who is Franchise Champion?

According to WBC, the franchise champion is “a special status and designation that the organization can bestow on a reigning defending WBC world champion, who has achieved and maintains the highest stature in boxing, and who is also an elite boxer.”


In the first place, the Franchise boxer’s privileges were conferred and not won or lost as a result of the outcome of a battle. An adjustment of the rule happened when Teofimo Lopez was looking for the Franchise status upon his victory over Vasyl Lomachenko, he prevailed and got the status.

Overall, nowadays, these are Franchise boxers’ rules:

  • Will enjoy a special, privileged status concerning her or his mandatory obligations.

  • Enjoys the highest preferential position to challenge the world champions in his weight division at any time upon his written request to WBC.

  • The organization designates a Franchise boxer as the WBC Emeritus champ once he/she officially retires from competing.

  • Franchise boxers’ activity is governed by WBC rules and regulations.

  • He/she must participate in at least two social WBC-related or organized events every year.

  • The organization doesn’t have to recognize another Franchise name while the current champ has the current status.

What WBCs Stand For In Boxing?

It stands for World Boxing Council, a professional boxing organization with 71 member countries.

Difference Between WBA And WBC

WBC sanctions battles between boxers all around the world if their states are WBC members, while WBA (with headquarters in London, England) offers fighters from states with a recognized boxing heritage (Mexico, England, Ireland…).

What Is Higher WBA, Or WBC?

In exceptional circumstances, the WBA (World Boxing Association) designates a super champion, while the WBC offers a roster of Diamond champions with the title at stake in to-notch match-ups between high-level ring warriors.

WBC belt is higher and every boxer wants to wrap it around his waist. The WBC bouts usually take place in Las Vegas or other big venues as there are many more potential rivals on the line, so it draws more crowd and fans. Many believe that the WBC king is an undisputed champion too.

Canelo Alvarez IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, And The Ring Super Middleweight Champion

Canelo Alvarez is one of the most successful boxers ever. The title holder in many weight classes, with a powerful left hook to the body and many notable victories over some of the greatest names of the boxing world today.

Canelo Alvarez’s footwork and ducking are on a whole new, different level as it is almost impossible to rock him in close-range exchanges.

This master of anticipation predicts at least two or three of your moves and keeps you busy with violent counters and combos all the time.

Powerful like Tyson Fury, tricky like Devin Haney, and quick like Errol Spence Jr, Canelo Alvarez took part in many high-level combats, but his historic fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of only two losses he has ever survived.

Canelo has also been the world title owner in welterweight, light middleweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight class throughout his rich career. Canelo is one of the most dominant champions in the history of boxing!

WBC Belts Explained
WBC Belts Explained

WBC Belts Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The WBC (World Boxing Council)?

WBC is one of four major organizations that sanction professional boxing bouts (alongside WBA, WBO, and IBF).

IBF (International Boxing Federation) has a way stricter drug test rule and a 10lb rehydration rule, which means that whatever weight you weigh in at, you’re not allowed to weigh more than 10lbs the day after. It kinda reminds me of ONE FC of boxing.

IBF is also way stricter in stripping champs of their titles, no matter how much money they bring.

The WBC belt is way nicer by its look and the organization is all about money, they’ll hardly stripe you off the title if you bring a lot of money, plus there’s a franchise champ and many other sub-variations of titles.

It is a special trophy for the winner of the highly anticipated battle between the WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte and the WBC heavyweight division king Tyson Fury.

The WBC Mayan belt is the award given in the honor of God Gucumatz, a feathered serpent, a creator of air and water. The serpent symbolizes happiness that comes from overcoming life’s difficulties and challenges.

The elected president is Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar from Mexico.

A regular champion is the title owner who gets promoted to the primary champion of his targeted weight division if and only if the Super Title, Unified Title, and Undisputed champion titles are vacant.

These belts are not titles, they are prizes given to the fighters who earned victories in the weeks of May 5th and September 16th.

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Vladimir Vladisavljevic

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He has been training in kickboxing for over seven years and holds a Taekwondo black belt. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. Vladimir is a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster. He was known as The Bulgarian Cowboy in the Western world. In addition, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his love of esports, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Our testing and reviewing method.
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