It is easiest to win the fight via one-punch knockout. We’re offering you all kinds of punching tutorials, top lists, and valuable historical data about one of the most popular fighting styles in the world.

WBC Belts Explained

There are many belts in boxing, but today, we will focus on WBC world title belts, their history, and the majority of title owners. There are 17 weight classes and four major sanctioning bodies in boxing, so tracking boxing world champions can be difficult

Where and Why Is MMA Illegal?

Boxing vs MMA Safety: Which Is More Dangerous?

Or, at least, they are generally more dangerous than some other sports, like tennis or golf. Some other sports (like snowboarding or field hockey) have substantially larger rates, so we can already deduce that despite all the contact, combat sports aren’t the most dangerous thing you can do in life.

A professional Boxer hitting another with a right hook

Punch Knockout

A knockout is when a fighter becomes unconscious from a strike with a sufficient power. There were many big punch knockouts in boxing history, and this topic will focus on the most entertaining areas of punch and events that happen once a fist initiates a contact with the head.