Venum Kontact Shin and Instep Guards Review

Venum Kontact Shin and Instep Guards Review [2021]

Today, we’ll be reviewing Venum’s Kontact Shin and Instep Guards.

Wearing shin guards is considered crucial when you’re practicing martial arts. The shin is very, very exposed and it’s unfortunately very easy to hurt yourself. So, now that we’ve established that it’s crucial for you to wear shin guards, you might not need to look any further than the example before you. The Venum Kontact shin guards have been designed to adapt to the natural movement of your shinbone and leg and instep to provide ultimate anatomical protection. 

This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for shin guards, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at them to see if they’re what you’re looking for.

Let’s get started!

Venum Kontact Shin and Instep Guards Overview


Venum worked hard to make their design more elastic. This is another area that Venum has fortified when it comes to these shin guards. There’s an added elastic strap just under the knee pad, which also has a mesh section that holds your calf firmly. The great benefit of this is the fitting of the shin guard, as it’s definitely going to grip your leg more tightly, while also keeping it stable.

There is a round pad that protects the top of the foot; another protects the front of your ankle at the bend and the main shin pad that goes from the ankle to right below the knee cap. The truth is, if your partner has shin guards on and you do too, these Venum Kontact guards aren’t going to hurt you in the case of shin on shin contact

The worst thing that can happen with your guards is that they start flapping around independently while you’re in the ring – these guards are sure not to do that because the straps are secure enough to disallow that. For that reason, and to ensure that it doesn’t happen, Venum added a couple of more elastic straps just below the calf area – a better grip is guaranteed.

The gripping section in front of your heel is also much better because of this. If you fall awkwardly, the chances of hurting your leg are fewer. Safety should always come first in sports, and Venum is very well aware of that. The mashes over the covered areas are made from 60% SBR, 20% EVA, and 20% nylon.

Their cotton composition, associated with the closure system, allows you to put them on in a simple and fast manner. Back in the day when shin guards were just starting to get popular, it actually took quite a lot of effort to strap one of them to your leg. Nowadays, all guards have simple straps that you just tighten and hook up – easy as ever.

This guard is made from high-quality cotton. This ensures comfort and another great thing that’s often overlooked by fighters – it’s machine washable. When you have guards that are covered in a layer of rubber or leather, it’s likely that you can’t wash them in the washing machine. However, you can easily get these babies sweat-free by just throwing them in the washing machine.

However, the sweating will actually be decreased by these shin pads. The mesh construction around the padding area works to increase your body’s thermoregulation and helps to absorb sweat. Since the pads are made from cotton, they’ll be soaking up that sweat easily – and once you come home, all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine and you’re ready to use them once again.

What also separates these shin guards apart from the competition is the fact that they’re not put on like other shin guards. They’re not sock-like guards where you need to insert your feet. You simply put a shin guard and you tighten the Velcro around your leg – that’s it!

There are still many fighters who prefer using older shin guards, which are made more traditionally. It’s likely that you’ll be walking around the gym warming up while they’re still trying to slip on their shin guards.

Additional Padding

More padding ensures more protection, and you should definitely look more into these guards if you feel like you need that. The positioning of your feet has to be perfect, whether you’re defending or attacking – and Venum managed to make pads that complement this principle perfectly. Venum has come up with reinforced foam in their padding.

Even though the padding looks very soft to an onlooker, it’s actually quite strong and it can easily withstand heavy blows. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran, this pair of shin guards should be in your kit whenever you go for a fight.

The Fit

Venum is famous for their style, but they’re actually way ahead of the competition when it comes to fitting their gear. The finishing of these shin guards is much better than other brands. They used thin padding material covered with a vent material which ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re fighting.

You also won’t feel that there’s a shin guard on your leg – movement is that easy and there’s no added weight. The distribution of weight on the padding is very efficient. This will ensure that you don’t move any slower because of the shin guards. All martial arts require quick foot movements in succession, and shin guards wouldn’t really be good at their jobs if they slowed fighters down. You’re not any less agile while wearing this.

Despite Venum being known for their flashiness and style, they seem to have toned that down with this line of gear. They concentrated more on light equipment that’s still going to deliver. However, if you’re a fighter that doesn’t care about attention and is focused on the fighting – this is definitely a great choice for you.

Sizing and Style

Firstly, let’s just put it out there: Venum stole the show with these shin guards. They’re absolutely stunning and no one can say different. The black and white finish will draw attention from everyone. However, that’s not the only combination

There’s also a black and green, black and red, black cotton with black rubber finish, black and pink, grey and black. The last one is our personal choice – red and white.

They come in three sizes: M – L – XL. But whichever size you choose, the top of the shin pads will reach your knee. The fit is amazing, so you won’t want to take it off once you put it on.


This is probably the best pair of shin guards you’ll find at this price. There’s no going around the fact that equipment for all sports is expensive, with some sports being more expensive than others, but these shin guards are great and relatively reasonably-priced.

It’d be wrong to say that they were cheap, but it’s also unfair to say that they’re expensive, when they’re priced rather reasonably.

Pros and Cons

beautiful design – even though Venum has definitely toned it down for these guards, they’re still beautiful and come in many colorslack of style – in comparison to former Venum products, these guards aren’t too stylish
great grip – due to the design of these guards, you can be sure that they won’t be slipping off your legsno foot protection – there isn’t a part of the guard protecting your feet
ultimate protection – the cotton blend used with these guards is a great protector of the shin
pricing – these guards are really inexpensive when their quality is taken into consideration and that shouldn’t be overlooked
machine washable – they’ll take sweat in, but you can just throw them into the washing machine and be done with it
easy to put on – they’re just slip-and-use, fix them with the straps and you’re ready to go
additional padding – these guards have additional padding for extra protection
a great fit – you’ll see the guards reaching your knees and covering your whole leg

Our Verdict

These guards are a great option if you’re looking for something that’s easy to put on and to maintain, while also keeping a high level of protection and stability with your legs. You can be sure that these guards won’t be coming off during a fight because the straps on them are so well made. They’re also beautiful and come in many variations.