Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts + Bio-Flex Cup Review

Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts + Bio-Flex Cup Review 2024

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup.

You must know that the groin is the most sensitive area of the male body that’s always going to be under threat. The reason it’s always threatened is because it’s very easy to hurt that area, as it requires no effort at all. That’s why it’s important to wear groin protection when you’re fighting, as you don’t want your opponent to accidentally hurt you.

It’s widely known that it’s not allowed to punch below the belt when you’re fighting, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t happen by accident. If they do, you’re always going to want to be protected, and having your groin wide open is definitely not going to do you any favors.

In today’s article, we’ll be presenting you with Shock Doctor’s Core Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup, which are a great way of keeping your groin safe during the fighting. Let’s take a look at this pair of shorts with groin protector together, to determine whether it’s the right choice for you and if investing money in it makes sense.

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Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts + Bio-Flex Cup Overview

The Design

This groin protector has a vented bio-shaped design to shield areas where protection is most crucial. The body of this core protective gear forms flawlessly to your athletic frame providing unrestricted movement, airflow, and comfort.

The material used with it is a moisture-wicking fabric that also has anti-microbial properties. This allows for great compression and it can stretch comfortably during training sessions, which ensures flexibility. Even though we all should put the focus on safety, being flexible in that safety is also very important. You don’t want to feel any discomfort as you’re fighting.

The shorts come in three different color patterns: white, black, and American flag, while the groin protector only comes in white.

To keep this protector in place, this design uses a simple elastic waistband to keep it strapped around the wearer’s waist. The Shock Doctor brand name is repeated around this waistband.

There’s actually a pocket inside the shorts that are made for fitting the Bio-Flex protective cup inside. This section also has improved ventilation in comparison to other parts of these shorts, which allows better breathability and comfort in the area. Additional stitching is integrated to replicate the jockstrap design for keeping the cup in position as you move around.

The cup itself is made out of a plastic material that’s thin and flexible, while it also incorporates a gel padding at specific areas of the cup. The gel material is very important, as it’s highlighted along the cup’s perimeter and it makes it more comfortable to wear. You’ll notice it as it looks like it’s made out of silicone rubber.

There are very noticeable ventilation holes on this cup which are used to maximize the airflow for the groin region. This allows for the wearer to feel much more comfortable in comparison to other groin protectors, that are less ventilated and usually feel much stuffier.

The Fit

You’ll find that these core compression shorts are very comfortable, and you might even think about using them for activities unrelated to the martial arts. The elastic waistband will hold the compression pants firmly and comfortably around your waist and you won’t feel them as constricting.

Some users have noticed that the gel padding is great for preventing wear and tear of the cup itself, while it also prevents the plastic from digging into your body. But it definitely could have been softer or have thicker padding widthwise to make it even more comfortable. It’s suggested by some users to use the shorts but to ditch the cup and use another cup.

There’s not a specific size for these shorts, so you’re going to have to measure your waist circumference and refer to the table on the official site.


You can definitely wash these shorts without any problems, as they’re good enough to handle the washing machine. The materials used with these shorts are incredible, and you’ll surely find them and wear them regularly even a few years later.

Pros and Cons

comfort – these shorts are very comfortable and allow for a great compression fit, while the groin protector is padded with gel to ensure that it doesn’t rub off on the skin too muchcup fitting – many users have reported that cups from other manufacturers fit better with these shorts than the Bio-Flex cup
variety – you can choose numerous different styles for these shorts
great durability – the materials used with these shorts are great and you’ll surely keep wearing them for many years to come
fit – the elastic waistband will hold your compression shorts just fine and you won’t feel any tension

Our Verdict

This is a great piece of equipment if you’re into martial arts, as it’s definitely going to keep your groin safe while also compressing you. The materials used with these shorts are long-lasting, ensuring that you can use them for many years to come, while the cup is fitter with gel to ensure comfort. The shorts are washable in the washing machine, while the cup itself is easy to clean. There’s a simple elastic band that’s ensuring that the shorts don’t slip right off.

Gianluca Martucci, Gianluca Martucci is a personal trainer and an athletic trainer.
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