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Best Kickboxing Gloves of 2023: Get the Ultimate Protection and Performance for Your Kickboxing Sessions!

I tested over a dozen kickboxing gloves recently. I found the Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves the best kickboxing gloves for training on the bag or for sparring in a kickboxing setting. 

In my years of training in martial arts and researching the topic, I have developed a solid critical stance towards fighting gear since combat gear is one of the only types of equipment in sports meant to do one thing only: to protect. 

If a piece of equipment in kickboxing or boxing doesn’t perform as it should, it can jeopardize the practitioner’s health or life.

At the very least, it would keep them from training at their full potential. This is what makes high-quality equipment important. 

The Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves are the best for this purpose since they are of surprisingly high quality for the low price they are sold at. Aside from checking all the functionality boxes off, they also look great. 

In this article, I will break down some of the best kickboxing gloves and give each a “Best X” title (best overall, best budget, best premium, etc.).

This is to help you make the best decision when searching for the ultimate kickboxing pair to enhance your training!

If you are looking for gloves or are just researching the topic, read on for more!

Best kickboxing Gloves: for beginners, on a budget, for pros

  • Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves – Best Overall
  • Liberlupus Kickboxing Gloves – Budget Pick
  • Liberlupus Kickboxing Gloves – Budget Pick
  • RDX Gloves for Training Kickboxing – Best Design+
  • Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves – Best Semi-Pro
  • MYSUPERSTARBOXING Pro Gloves for Training Kickboxing – Best for Beginners
  • Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves – Best Simple Design

Types of Kickboxing Gloves: Which One is Right for You?

Kickboxing is a sport that requires a variety of techniques and skills, and choosing the right type of gloves is crucial to ensure optimal performance and protection. Every kickboxing glove is designed to cater to specific aspects of the sport, and picking the right one for your needs is essential.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are designed for heavy bag work, pad work, and partner sparring drills. They are vital for kickboxers as they provide optimal protection, comfort, and performance during training. The gloves feature extra padding to protect the knuckles and ensure optimal balance between security and performance. Training gloves are usually made of genuine leather, a high-quality material that increases the gloves’ lifespan and has a hook-and-loop closure for wrist stability.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are an alternative to training gloves specifically designed for bag work. They aim to improve feedback, form, and technique while providing minimal padding and wrist support. The gloves are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber known for its excellent flexibility, durability, and shock absorption properties. Bag gloves are lightweight, and their design ensures you can punch harder without hurting your hands.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are designed for safety and are heavier than training gloves to reduce impact while providing excellent knuckle and wrist support. They are ideal for sparring sessions, focusing on technique and avoiding injury to your partner. Sparring gloves feature softer padding than training gloves, which reduces the impact on your opponent. They are also heavier than training gloves and offer optimal wrist protection.

Competition Gloves

Competition gloves are closely regulated, and choosing gloves that meet all competition requirements is essential to avoid disqualification. They are stiffer than sparring/training gloves to increase the impact on your opponent, and they feature a lace-up closure instead of hook-and-loop, which is commonly seen in training gloves. Competition gloves are designed for optimal performance and are perfect for those who want to compete in kickboxing tournaments.

Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves – Best Overall

I will start by discussing the best pair of gloves on this list, the Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves.

These gloves fared the best when I was testing them, and even in objective analysis, they came out at the very top of the list. 

Sanabul has been one of the top brands in combat sports equipment for over 2014, with big names advertising them, like Michael Bisping and Mike Lee.

Their focus on quality has helped turn the company into an established and pronounced name. 

These Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves are the best overall for several reasons. One of them is the fantastic value for money it provides. 

These Sanabul gloves would be great training gloves for beginners and intermediate athletes alike, though I wouldn’t recommend them if you are training high-level.

However, the price is nearly unbeatable because these gloves could take you from your first class to winning your first competitive matches. 

Also, an essential part of kickboxing gloves is the flexibility of the entire glove.

What makes kickboxing gloves different from simple boxing gloves is the lower padding and a higher degree of flexibility, which allows for leg grabs and other techniques that boxing doesn’t have, all while still providing enough protection for the knuckles. 

I enjoyed these gloves’ gel filling arguably more than traditional foam fillers.

It seemed to absorb the impact of the strikes somewhat better and feel more comfortable on my hand. It also made the gloves less rigid, a must in kickboxing. 

I also loved the wrist straps, which were slightly thinner than ones on a boxing glove, as they should be, but still the perfect width to provide enough protection and stability in the wrist area. 

The palm area of these gloves is made of a soft mesh, which enables excellent breathability, so your hands don’t sweat as much, and it also helps with some of the techniques in kickboxing that require more hand movement. 

If you don’t like the all-black version that I chose, there are various colors you can choose from, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to fit the design of the gloves to your image or your taste. 

If you are an intermediate or beginner kickboxer looking for a fantastic pair of gloves to train and possibly even compete in, the Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves are the ones you are looking for since they will protect your hand, let you develop your full potential, and also make you feel unique with the looks and feel of the gloves. 

If you want a pair, click this button and order today!

Liberlupus Kickboxing Gloves – Budget Pick

Liberlupus is a lesser-known but still quite a prominent brand in the combat industry.

They are known for providing fantastic quality for the money they charge, which makes it unsurprising that a Liberlupus product ended up as my budget pick. 

Though the Sanabul gloves are already relatively inexpensive, these gloves go below that even more, which makes this the ultimate candidate for a budget pair since the quality is still excellent. 

These Liberlupus gloves seem a little flimsy upon the first inspection, and one thing that can stand out is the somewhat squeaky texture of the outmost layer of coating.

It reflects light too much and doesn’t feel as well-made as many other products.

However, thankfully, this is just a wrong first impression.

The gloves are fun to use, they are built well for the price, and after a couple of days of training, even the unnatural shine fades somewhat.

The faux leather seems to be made out of high-quality synthetic materials, and the foam protects the hand quite well for the price. 

I wouldn’t advise not wearing straps under these gloves out of laziness, which is something I tend to do.

When I tried that with these gloves, I felt some discomfort in my wrists, and though it wasn’t anything too wrong, I would advise avoiding it. 

These gloves are an absolute steal for the low cost they can be purchased at.

They are the cheapest gloves on this list but do not lack much quality, and they lack primarily visual and have nothing to do with the actual performance. 

If you are looking for a great backup glove or are just looking at entering the kickboxing world and don’t know what to choose, these gloves are excellent!

If you want to buy them, you can do so on this button.

RDX Gloves for Training Kickboxing – Best Design

Another famous name in the industry, RDX, has yet again made a fantastic pair of kickboxing/boxing gloves; RDX Gloves for Training Kickboxing.

Not only is it very high quality, but it also has a unique design that makes it stand out. 

These gloves are made of genuine leather with the staple RDX EVA foam inside to soften the constant striking impact.

X-FOAM padding inside the palm area helps with comfort and stability and neutralizes the power of stray shots that land in that area. 

Some high-quality mesh is also placed at the palms, which helps reduce sweat, keeping the gloves more comfortable and increasing lifespan.

Even though all these features are unique and are already worth the somewhat higher price point, the element which sticks out most is the excellent design. 

Of course, aesthetics are subjective, but I love these gloves’ uni-colored and unique design.

The matte army green color gives the gloves an incredible, one-of-a-kind feeling, but the orange, brown and yellow colors are also fantastic. 

As mentioned, these gloves are also matte, a rare sight in the combat glove industry, especially with kickboxing/boxing gloves.

This makes these gloves exceptionally unique and, in my opinion, also gives them a better hand feel. 

The EZ Hook and Loop closure makes putting on these gloves straightforward and quick and provides excellent stability while sparring or doing bag work. 

The gloves are also sturdy enough to take punches but flexible sufficient to be used for kickboxing, making it a versatile and somewhat pricier product.

If you want to buy this pair of gloves, you can check them out by clicking this button!

Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves – Best Semi-Pro

Everlast is one of the largest companies in the fitness and combat sports industry, and they have achieved this status by consistently producing high-quality products which can be trusted.

This is no different when it comes to Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves

These gloves are the typical blog love quality would expect when ordering from a company like Everlast.

The materials are solid, the structure is balanced, and the aesthetics and design are on point.

Everything about these gloves screams semi-pro, so I gave them that label. 

Though you can get these gloves at a beginner level, I would rather say that these gloves are for intermediate fighters and above since both the pricepoint and the quality of these gloves are ones that you can’t expect an absolute beginner to look for. 

They are made of high-quality synthetic materials and are also available in a bunch of different colors.

These colors are the standard Everlast color combinations, like black-gold, black-pink, or blue-red. 

The excellent design and the high quality of the synthetic materials make these gloves look professional, but they also feel well-built while using them.

They are also sturdy but flexible, providing top-notch protection to the knuckles while allowing for an extensive range of motion in the fingers. 

These gloves are also available in a couple of different sizes, like 14 oz or 18 oz, so that you can adjust the weight of the gloves to your body size or training level and goals. 

If you want to purchase a pair of these gloves, click on this button and check them out now!

MYSUPERSTARBOXING Pro Gloves for Training Kickboxing – Best for Beginners

MYSUPERSTARBOXING Pro Gloves simple yet well-designed gloves are the best option for beginners who don’t know whether they want to invest larmore significantms of money in training gear.

If you happen to be at the beginning of your kickboxing journey, these gloves might be your best option. 

Made out of synthetic leather, this pair of kickboxing gloves is surprisingly high quality for its price.

What is also unique about this product is that there are kids’ sizes as well, and then up to XXL adult sizes, so if you plan on enrolling your whole family or perhaps are looking for a gift for a family member, you can find what you need. 

Also, these gloves come in various colors and color combinations, so whoever you want to surprise with them, there is certainly a look they will like. 

It is easy to put on, with a closure system similar to the previously mentioned EZ Hook and Loop on the RDX gloves.

They are also highly breathable and, according to most reviews, durable. 

I tested this product for two weeks, and it held up just fine; however, I didn’t enjoy the stiffness of the gloves.

Nevertheless, that won’t bother you much if you are a beginner, and it might even be better for beginners this way due to the extra protection a sturdier glove provides. 

If you want to purchase a fantastic beginners’ pair of kickboxing gloves, check out this button and buy yours today!

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves – Best Simple Design

Another Everlast glove, this time the Pro Style Training Gloves. This is one of my favorite replacement training gloves, and I spent a lot of time practicing with these gloves even before this review.

It is a great all-around pair, durable, and looks great with its “old school” simple, barebones design. 

It is made of high-grade synthetic leather, which I have never had problems with Everlast products. It feels like genuine leather except for being softer, but it is almost as durable and protective. 

These gloves come in a couple of different sizes so that you can adjust to your weight, exercise level, or goals in general.

I used the 16 oz version, but it does depend on your objectives. 

One of the features of these gloves, which I especially enjoyed in a kickboxing environment, is the mesh palm.

Most gloves on and off this list have mesh palms or slits to let air flow. However, these “ventilation areas” were never as large as those on these gloves. 

Here, the mesh covers almost the entirety of the palm and the fingers, which is excellent for flexibility and breathability. 

Flexibility is essential since, as mentioned before, kickboxing doesn’t like gloves as sturdy as a traditional pair of boxing gloves.

The large mesh surface provides enough flexibility for excellent kickboxing training without compromising sturdiness. 

Breathability is another important factor, and the large mesh area helps out, thus increasing the product’s lifespan and decreasing the discomfort caused by sweaty hands and gloves. 

If you want to purchase one of these gloves, check out this button and buy yours today!

Guide to Buying Kickboxing Gloves

In this section of today’s article, I will go through some of the most essential, critical aspects of purchasing kickboxing gloves and some of the main issues that arise during purchase. 

Let’s dive right in!


One of the essential things about glove quality is the materials it is made out of.

The higher the material quality, the longer the product’s life; usually, the better it performs. 

There are a couple of material types and pointers you should look for if you are searching for high-quality gloves. 

Depending on your skill level, you will be looking at genuine leather or vinyl and synthetic gloves.

If you are a high-level athlete, you should look into the higher-end, real leather stuff.

Though they are usually investments of a couple of hundred dollars, if taken care of properly, genuine leather gloves last a lifetime. 

However, if you are among most people and are a beginner to an intermediate practitioner, vinyl and synthetic alternatives are more than enough for you. 

Some higher-quality vinyl or synthetic gloves can last up to a couple of years and are affordable.

This makes them a much better purchase if you aren’t sure how long you plan to stay in business. 


You will generally find yourself looking at two types of closure on the wrists (or two and a half). The lace closure is one of them, the traditional and more expensive.

These gloves are secured onto one’s wrist using one or two laces tied through a series of loops or holes on the glove. 

Lace gloves are usually used in competition or traditional, old-school settings.

The upside of these gloves is that they are significantly more secure and tight. However, they also need another pair of hands to help you put them on, which makes velcro bands much more convenient. 

Velcro straps like the “EZ Hook and Loop” are incredibly convenient, so they were created first.

These velcro-closure gloves allow one to put on and tighten their gloves without anybody’s help, making it much easier to use, put on, and take off, even during classes. 

Depending on the occasion, skill level, or taste, you need to decide between these two. I would advise most people to go with velcro due to its convenience and simplicity. 


It is important to remember that even though glove sizes are usually correlated with the weight of the person using them, it is always important to look at the specific size chart for every pair of gloves you purchase. 

It is pretty standard for people to order the wrong sizes of gloves, which can be frustrating.

This happens because an 18 oz glove for Everlast might not be the same as an 18 oz glove for RDX. There can be a difference, just like with shoes or other pieces of clothing. 

You can check out the size chart for the specific product and the comments and reviews, where people usually share their experience with the sizing, which might save you some shipping costs! 

Palm Opening

The palm opening of kickboxing gloves is a crucial element that affects the gloves’ fit, comfort, and protection. CIt’shoosing the right size for your hands is essential to ensure that the gloves fit comfortably without any resistance. If the palm opening is too small, it can restrict your hand’s movement, making it challenging to execute specific techniques. On the other hand, if it’s too large, the gloves may not provide enough support and protection for your knuckles.

The size of the palm opening is typically determined by the glove’s weight, with heavier gloves having smaller palm openings to provide more support and protection. However, this can also reduce the gloves’ flexibility and movement, making it harder to execute quick activities. On the other hand, lighter gloves usually have larger palm openings, offering more flexibility and movement but less protection for the knuckles.

Finding the right balance between flexibility and protection is essential to ensure maximum comfort and safety when choosing a pair of kickboxing gloves. This will allow you to move freely while protecting your hands from injury.

Glove Construction

The construction of kickboxing gloves is another essential factor to consider when purchasing. A well-made glove will provide adequate support and protection for your hands, making it a valuable investment in your training.

The stitching, seams, and padding are all critical elements of a good kickboxing glove. High-quality stitching and seams ensure the gloves hold up to the wear and tear of training, while good padding provides adequate protection for your knuckles. The padding should be thick enough to absorb the impact of punches and kicks but not so thick that it restricts movement or adds unnecessary weight.

In addition to the materials and padding, the glove’s design can affect its construction. Look for gloves with a secure closure, such as a hook-and-loop strap, to keep them in place and prevent them from slipping or twisting during training.

A well-constructed glove is essential for protecting your hands and getting the most out of your training. Choosing gloves with high-quality stitching, seams, and padding ensures they will last for years and provide the protection and support you need to train at your best.

My Verdict

Though many tough competitors are on today’s list, the Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves remain victorious.

They are entertaining to work with and designed relaxed, making them enjoyable. 

What set those gloves aside from the rest for me was the gel within the gloves and the value for the money they provided.

The gel seemed to absorb more of the impact of every given strike than traditional foam.

The quality is second to none for the low price of these gloves; since these gloves are so high-quality, one could even compete with them.

If you are interested in a pair of high-quality gloves, you can go back to the list to decide which team suits you the best, or you can go ahead and purchase today’s overall best glove, the Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves, on this button!

What should I look for in a pair of kickboxing gloves?

When looking for kickboxing gloves, it’s important to find high-quality, durable materials. You also want to ensure that the gloves are comfortable and have enough padding to protect your knuckles from injury.

How often do I need to replace my kickboxing gloves?

The lifespan of your kickboxing gloves depends on several factors, including how often you use them, how well you take care of them, and how often you train. With proper maintenance, your gloves should last anywhere from six months to two years.

How do I clean my kickboxing gloves?

You can clean your kickboxing gloves using water and mild soap. Just be sure not to soak the gloves in water for more than an hour at a time. After washing, dry them with a towel.

How do I store my kickboxing gloves when they’re not being used?

Storing your kickboxing gloves properly when not in use is essential for their longevity and to prevent any damage to the materials. When you finish your training or workout, clean your gloves and allow them to dry before storing them.

It’s best to store your gloves in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators. This will help prevent the material from becoming too dry or too hot, which could cause damage to the gloves over time.

One effective way to store your gloves is by placing them in a well-ventilated gym bag or a dedicated glove storage unit designed to keep them organized and fresh. This will help keep your gloves in good condition and ready to use for your next training session.

Remember to avoid leaving your gloves in a humid or damp environment, as this can cause mold or bacteria to grow and create an unpleasant odor. By following these storage guidelines, you can help extend the life of your gloves and ensure that they are always in top condition when you need them.

What is the difference between kickboxing gloves and boxing gloves?

The main differences between kickboxing gloves and boxing gloves are flexibility and weight. Kickboxing gloves tend to have a thin cushioning layer, making them more flexible, while boxing gloves have more padding and are less flexible.

Will you need gloves for cardio kickboxing?

Yes, you will need gloves for cardio kickboxing. You can choose any traditional boxing glove to stay safe throughout your workout.

Can you use Muay Thai gloves for kickboxing?

Yes, you can use Muay Thai gloves for kickboxing. They provide more protection on all sides of your hand for blocking but may compromise wrist stability.

Can I use Muay Thai gloves for kickboxing?

We recommend using the right gloves for the right sport. Although you could use Muay Thai gloves for kickboxing if you have no other option, it’s not recommended as it may compromise wrist stability. Using the proper gloves for each sport is important to avoid injury.

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