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20 Hottest UFC Ring Girls

UFC is brutal. Some of the toughest men on the planet go head to head in a sport that’s as close to a street fight as any other, and they often end up bruised, battered, and bloodied. It’s not a great sight sometimes, even if you’re a die-hard MMA fan.

Luckily, we got the ring girls to make everything so much more pleasant to the eye and help you relax and take a break from the action between rounds. They are all beautiful women, but some truly just stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a list of the 20 hottest UFC ring girls ever.

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Kahili Blundell

Kahili Blundell has been a UFC ring girl for quite some time now, and the fans love her. The beautiful blond Australian has an intoxicating smile and just radiates positive energy. She recently took maternity leave due to giving birth, but she’s already back, looking more amazing than ever.

Apart from being one of the hottest UFC ring girls, Kahili is also a registered nutritionist and Pilates instructor. Judging by her appearance after two births, I’d say she’s a good one, too.

Like most public personas today, Blundell is an Instagram influencer, too, having over 170 000 followers. I would never guess she’s a 37-year old mother of two; she’s just that stunning.

Brittney Palmer

My favorite UFC ring girl ever is Brittney Palmer. It’s not only her beautiful appearance but her path and her will, a lust for life you rarely see. Palmer is a San Diego native, and she’s one of the most famous ring girls in the world, with over a million followers on Instagram.

She does a lot of modeling, too, but what makes her so special is how she overcame the hardest moments of her life and prevailed. Brittney was in a car accident that had her bedridden for a long time. She survived, recovered, and eventually won the UFC ring girl award two times.

Of course, it’s only the beginning of her accomplishments. She is an intelligent woman, an incredible dancer, and an artist. Her work is in several large museums globally, including cities such as LA, Hong Kong, and Miami.

Luciana Andrade

There are so many things that make Luciana Andrade attractive. When you put it all together, you get one of the most beautiful women in the world, let alone among UFC ring girls. Andrade is a Brasilian model that has brains as great as her looks.

She is an educated legal practitioner with the body of an angel and a face that lights up the room. She’s a very cheerful character now living in LA, doing modeling and social media influencing along with her UFC gig.

If you ask me, Andrade is as close to a perfect woman you could ever find. She’s kind, funny, outgoing, cheerful, and smart, but also has a breathtaking body and long brown hair that always seems to fall just right.

Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell is as invigoratingly beautiful as they come. This former UFC ring beauty is so special because she was the first African-American UFC ring girl ever. Her slim hourglass outline makes her appear taller than she is, and she truly has a million-dollar smile.

To make her phenomenal figure even more mind-blowing is that Chandella is also a mother. Unfortunately, her gig in the UFC ended abruptly after two years when some of her past endeavors the UFC didn’t know of came to light.

Apparently, Powell took some soft-porn photos years before she became a UFC ring girl, and the promotion didn’t like the fact that she tried to hide it from them, so they laid her off. It’s their loss because this woman is one of the most stunning UFC ring girls ever.

Alison Diehl

Some women simply have that something you can’t put your finger on that completely blows you away. That’s not the case with Alison Diehl – it’s pretty obvious what makes her so breathtaking. The blonde American has a model’s physique (which she currently is full-time), but her face is why I loved her while she was in the UFC.

That smile is stunning, and her eyes truly reflect what a kind person she is. Her way to becoming a UFC ring girl was quite interesting too. She won a UFC Hooters contest to get a contract. If you saw her, you’ll know why she deserves it.

Amber Nichole Miller

It’s been a while since Amber Nichole Miller was a UFC ring girl, but that doesn’t change the fact she was one of the hottest ever to do it. Miller left the UFC over a decade ago but didn’t cut ties with the promotion just yet, as she’s the wife of the legendary former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Amber was the first UFC ring girl ever. Although she’s well in her forties now, she’s still just as attractive as ever, if not even more so. Since both she and Tito retired, they ventured into a fashion-related business together, where she does a lot of modeling.

Amber is a full-time model in general. Her Instagram account with almost a hundred thousand followers got taken down recently, so she made a new one that reached around 25k followers so far.

Rachelle Leah

Rachelle Leah might be in her thirties, but she is perfect in every way possible. I don’t know which I love more from her stunning physique, beautiful face, and strong, confident personality. She’s as beautiful as any other girl on this list.

Many people don’t know that she also loves fighting and trains MMA, although she doesn’t compete anywhere. She just recently started working with the UFC, but she still does a lot of modeling outside of the octagon.

She’s not shy to show off her spectacular body, as she’s done some topless shoots before. Leah is a stunning woman that not a lot of people heard of yet, but they will soon enough, I’m sure.

Edith Labelle

If you’re like me, you love when a woman has brains as well as looks. Well, French-Canadian former UFC ring girl Edith Labelle has both, and despite being almost 40, she’s one of the most beautiful women on Earth. She’s only 152 cm tall, which is a bit short for the runway, but she makes up for it with a marvelous silhouette and captivating eyes.

Labelle is a model for over twenty years and was unfortunately fired from her UFC job due to a rumor spread around the MMA community, only for the rumor to be proven wrong later. Still, she continued her modeling career and also ventured into acting.

She recently found a home as a Cage Warriors interviewer and does fitness coaching and being an influencer, garnering nearly 30 000 followers.

Ali Sonoma

There’s this aura that Ali Sonoma has that just makes her a man-eater. One look and I’d do anything she says – that’s how breathtaking she is. The Florida native, a former UFC ring girl, is one of the taller girls on this list, with long legs and unfathomable blue eyes.

It’s unfortunate for the promotion that her stint cage-side was so short as she ventured deeper into a modeling career outside the octagon. She’s successful in it, too, but she’s also highly educated, studying nutrition and dietetics and doing fitness training.

I was kind of hoping she’d return to the UFC because she just seems to take over the spotlight, wherever she comes. She was a breath of fresh air as a UFC ringside girl, but I’m happy to hear she’s doing well as a model without the UFC gig.

Arianny Celeste

Ask almost any UFC fan to name you one UFC ring girl, and almost everyone will say, Arianny Celeste. She’s UFC’s most popular and longest-tenured ring girl, having around fifteen years of experience in the octagon. Her beauty is electrifying, her body perfect, and her attitude strong but sweet.

Arianny has by far the most followers on social media among all the UFC ring girls, racking up a staggering 3.3 million followers. Giving birth didn’t stop her from looking spectacular, either. Judging by her body, you would never have guessed she gave birth just recently. 

I think it’s safe to say she earns a lot more as an influencer and a model than she does as a UFC ring girl, but honestly, I think she still does it simply because she genuinely loves her job.

Jhenny Andrade

There’s a reason why the fabulous Jhenny Andrade won the Best Ring Girl Of The World award three times – she’s shockingly beautiful and even more shockingly sexy. Andrade is a Brasilian model that’s been in the UFC for a while, and she’ll probably stay that for years to come. 

It seems she’s becoming more and more beautiful each year, which explains why her social media profiles are booming with over half a million followers. Before she turned into a model, she trained soccer for years, explaining her spectacularly attractive long legs.

Jhenny is also an actress and has been a part of the entertainment industry since she was just six years old. In my opinion, she’s the hottest blonde on this list, making her the hottest blonde UFC ring girl ever. Andrade dated the soccer superstar Neymar a while ago. Oh, and to add to all that, she’s a mother, too. Amazing, right?

Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton was a UFC ring girl for only a year before being laid off and going into the modeling industry. However, I truly believe she deserves a spot on this list because she’s just ridiculously beautiful. I believe her being laid off was because she’s not as curvy as your typical UFC ring girl and didn’t want to go through plastic surgery transformations.

That’s what makes her even more special to me. She just looks naturally incredible, which is why she’s so successful as a model, too. Stanton has nearly 20k followers on Instagram, but she doesn’t try to be an influencer.

I’d love to see her star in movies or TV shows because I’m sure she’d be a great actress with her stunning looks and outgoing character.

Vanessa Hanson

You probably couldn’t handle Vanessa Hanson. She is simply a goddess, and she knows it. She’s also one of the youngest girls on this list, still in her mid-twenties. However, she has a mature attitude that would probably keep you in check just by giving you a seductive look.

She’s also one of the tallest girls here, 180 cm tall – the perfect model height. Hanson’s got gorgeous long legs and a spectacular face, and fans loved her ever since she came into the UFC. Vanessa already has over 300 000 followers on Instagram, and she’s a model for several high-profile brands in California.

Everything about her is special, making this fan-favorite one of the hottest UFC ring girls in history, and she barely started her career.

Natasha Wicks

Natasha Wicks has that “mean girl” vibe to her, and the fans love it. She looks like a rockstar with a wild attitude and a dashing body – I guess that’s something that comes with living in Las Vegas. She knows how to play the seductive game with her flashy hairstyles and incredible physique. 

She’s no longer in the UFC, just as Logan Stanton, but Natasha found a new passion in modeling and has been actively and successfully pursuing it as a career ever since she stopped being a UFC ring girl. 

Also, Natasha isn’t Wicks anymore, but Kingsbury, after marrying the former UFC fighter, Kyle Kingsbury. He wasn’t as successful in the cage, losing his last four fights before retiring, but he had some nice moments. His best might be marrying Natasha, though.

Carly Baker

Carly Baker is one of the rare England-native UFC ring girls. She is a stunning woman with the perfect body and a face of an angel. Carly is a superstar, not only as a ring girl but so much more.

She does singing, dancing, modeling, and fitness, including all those aspects of her life on her social media accounts, where she has well over 240k followers. I often ask myself how do people manage to do so much simultaneously and still find time to look as spectacular as Baker does.

She does it easily, it seems, with her natural charm and stunning curves that would make any man go insane.

Chrissy Blair

If there’s ever been a fan-favorite UFC ring girl, it’s Chrissy Blair. She’s been around the promotion for years, and many fans claim that she’s by far the most beautiful woman ever to be a UFC ring girl. I can’t disagree.

She’s accomplished so much as a model, too. She’s been inside all the big, important American magazines, Such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and GUESS. Although she now has a blossoming career as a model, Blair stated several times that she has no plans on leaving the UFC because she truly enjoys her work there.

And who wouldn’t? The fans love her, the company respects her, and she racked up over 200k Instagram followers since the start of her career.

Holly Madison

Many of these girls can thank their UFC ring girl jobs for getting the exposure needed to propel them to stardom. However, Holly Madison didn’t really need it. While Madison didn’t become a regular UFC ring girl, her appearance as a celebrity UFC ring girl at UFC 100 made fans gasp for air.

Holly was once a Playboy bunny. In fact, she was Hugh Hefner’s number one girl for quite some time before she broke up with him. Yeah, that guy gets dumped, too.

Right now, she does a lot of modeling and works as a social media influencer, but what I love about Holly the most is the fact that she heavily advocates animal welfare, posing for PETA anti-fur campaigns more than once.

Summer Daniels

Summer Daniels’ name really suits her outgoing, vibrant personality as well as a beautiful, refreshing appearance. She had done stints as both UFC and Bellator ring girl, and the fans noticed her enchanting beauty. That was the exposure she needed to pursue a modeling career, and it paid off as she thrives in the industry today.

What I love about Summer the most is her keen sense of humor. She lights up the room, and I love her social media posts. They are really funny and witty. Also, she does singing and writing, and I believe she’s not bad at it either.

While she’s not a part of the MMA world anymore and completely dedicated herself to modeling, she was a very pleasant sight every time she stepped into her UFC ring girl role.

Red Dela Cruz

I love Red Dela Cruz’s life story that got her into the UFC and stardom. Dela Cruz grew up in the Philippines in not-so-great life conditions, but she always wanted to be a model. She had all the merits – the looks, the brains, and the charisma – but she didn’t have the opportunity.

Well, Red got one after winning the UFC Octagon Girl Search in Asia a few years ago, and she quickly became one of the most popular UFC ring girls ever. Her modeling career took off as well, which I find logical, as she’s easily in my top five hottest UFC ring girls ever. 

What’s even more special about her is that, when she’s not working as a UFC ring girl or doing modeling gigs, she still works at a data company in Sydney with her partner and businessman Joey Bacic.

She is just an amazing woman who handles huge Instagram and Facebook accounts with over half a million followers. Her body is perfect, but her brains are even hotter.

Brookilyn Wren

Last but not least, Brookilyn Wren blew my mind the first time I’ve seen her. She’s just recently started her work as the UFC ring girl (in 2017), and she’s been doing it ever since. The African-American goddess has the sexiest hairstyle and a phenomenal body that would make any man try to catch his breath.

Wren is also a model born in Alaska but currently resides in Las Vegas. She started her career as a kid, too. She was invited to New York at age 14 to do modeling work after winning several Alaskan beauty pageants.

Her career took off after coming to the UFC. She does a lot of modeling and photoshoots for various brands and has a nice Instagram follower base. She’s also quite tall, making her perfect for fashion shows, too.

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Vladimir Vladisavljevic has been training in the art of kickboxing for over seven years, holds a Taekwondo black belt, and has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. He's a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster.
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Vladimir Vladisavljevic

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He has been training in kickboxing for over seven years and holds a Taekwondo black belt. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. Vladimir is a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster. He was known as The Bulgarian Cowboy in the Western world. In addition, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his love of esports, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Our testing and reviewing method.
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