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30 Hottest UFC Female Fighters

We’ve seen some amazing female fighters enter the Octagon and even though they compete in such an aggressive, heavy-hitting sport, we’ve also seen some of the most beautiful female athletes in the world.

Here’s a list of the 30 hottest UFC female fighters in history.

I’ll focus mostly on active fighters, with a few exceptions of beauties that competed in the promotion earlier but aren’t active anymore.

Many of them made a bigger name for themselves with modeling and being influencers, but hey, who can blame them?

The list is not ranked in any way.

Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant, widely recognized for her dual career as a fighter and a social media influencer, was into bare-knuckle boxing. She made a significant mark in both fields. While her popularity on platforms like Instagram, where she has amassed millions of followers, is notable, her prowess in combat sports shouldn’t be underestimated.

Initially rising to fame in the UFC, VanZant became a prominent figure in the organization, known for her fighting skills as well as her charismatic presence. Her appeal extended beyond the octagon, attracting a large fanbase and leading to opportunities outside of fighting, such as her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 edition.

However, VanZant’s journey in the UFC came to a transition when she decided to explore other combat sports. She moved into the world of bare-knuckle boxing, signing with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). This shift marked a new chapter in her fighting career, allowing her to explore and showcase her skills in a different combat sport format.

Despite her successful ventures outside the ring, including her significant earnings from social media, VanZant has continued to express her passion for fighting. Her transition to bare-knuckle boxing underscores her commitment to the thrill and challenge of combat sports.

VanZant continues to be a prominent figure in the fighting community and on social media, balancing her careers in both arenas with notable success. Her journey reflects a blend of athletic talent and entrepreneurial spirit, making her a unique and influential figure in the world of sports and entertainment.

Amanda Ribas

Amanda Ribas, a Brazilian mixed martial artist, has made a significant impact in the UFC with her impressive skills and charismatic personality. Known for her proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ribas has showcased her talents in various fights within the UFC octagon.

Her victory over Paige VanZant in 2020, where she won by submission with an armbar, was a notable highlight in her career. This win not only demonstrated her technical prowess but also marked the end of VanZant’s tenure in the UFC, highlighting Ribas’ status as a formidable competitor in the strawweight and flyweight divisions.

Beyond her fighting skills, Ribas is celebrated for her vibrant and positive personality, which resonates with fans and followers. Her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she has amassed a significant following, reflects her engaging and approachable nature. Her posts often showcase both her rigorous training regimen and her cheerful, down-to-earth persona, making her a relatable and admired figure in the MMA community.

Ribas’ career in the UFC has been marked by a series of impressive performances, demonstrating her well-rounded abilities in striking and grappling. Her dedication to the sport and continuous improvement in her techniques have kept her as a prominent figure in women’s MMA.

Amanda Ribas continues to be a beloved and respected athlete in the UFC. Her combination of fighting talent, physical fitness, and infectious positivity makes her a standout personality in the world of mixed martial arts. Her journey in the UFC is characterized by both her athletic achievements and her ability to connect with fans on a personal level.

Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson, also known as “The Karate Hottie,” is a prominent figure in the UFC’s strawweight division. Known for her background in karate and her dynamic fighting style, Waterson has been a fan favorite in the world of mixed martial arts for several years.

Waterson’s martial arts journey began with karate at a young age, and she eventually transitioned into mixed martial arts, where she has showcased her striking skills and adaptability. Her fighting style is a blend of her karate background and well-rounded MMA skills, including striking, grappling, and submissions.

In the UFC, Waterson has faced a range of opponents, demonstrating her competitiveness and resilience. She has been involved in several notable fights, showcasing her technical abilities and fighting spirit. While she has faced challenges and setbacks in her career, her performances have consistently highlighted her skill and determination.

Outside the octagon, Waterson is also known for her charismatic personality and her role as a mother, which has added a unique dimension to her public persona. She has been open about balancing her career as a professional fighter with her family life, resonating with fans who admire her for both her athletic achievements and her dedication as a parent.

On social media, particularly Instagram, Waterson engages with a large following, sharing aspects of her training, personal life, and various public appearances. Her presence on these platforms extends her influence beyond her athletic career, making her a well-rounded public figure in the sports world.

As of my last update, Michelle Waterson continues to be a respected and influential athlete in the UFC. Her journey in MMA, marked by both her achievements in the cage and her life outside of it, serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the multifaceted nature of modern professional athletes.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a renowned figure in women’s mixed martial arts, has firmly established herself as one of the top fighters in the history of the sport. The Polish athlete, a former UFC strawweight champion, is celebrated for her exceptional striking skills, honed through a successful kickboxing and Muay Thai career before she transitioned to MMA.

Jedrzejczyk’s tenure as the UFC strawweight champion was marked by a series of dominant performances, successfully defending her title five times. Her reign in the division set a high standard for skill and resilience, making her a formidable opponent for any challenger.

Her fight against Zhang Weili is particularly memorable, widely regarded as one of the greatest women’s MMA fights ever. The intense five-round battle showcased her fighting spirit and technical prowess, earning acclaim from fans and critics alike. The aftermath of the fight, particularly the images of Jedrzejczyk’s significantly swollen face, went viral, highlighting the sheer intensity and physical toll of the bout.

Outside the octagon, Jedrzejczyk enjoys considerable popularity on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has garnered a large following. Her social media presence offers a glimpse into her life beyond fighting, including her training, personal moments, and interactions with fans.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk remains a highly respected figure in MMA. Her contributions to the sport, particularly in the strawweight division, have left a lasting impact. Her combination of technical skill, fighting heart, and charismatic personality continues to endear her to fans around the world, solidifying her legacy as one of the best female MMA fighters of all time.

Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern, a prominent figure in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts, has achieved remarkable success in both disciplines making her one of the hottest female UFC fighters. Her journey in martial arts began at a very young age, training in BJJ since she was three and earning her black belt by the age of 19. Her transition from a highly decorated BJJ career to MMA has been impressive, showcasing her adaptability and skill in a new combat sport.

In MMA, Dern has made a significant impact, quickly rising through the ranks with her formidable grappling skills and evolving striking abilities. Her return to the octagon after maternity leave was notably swift, demonstrating her dedication and resilience. This quick comeback and her continued success in fights have been a testament to her athleticism and commitment to the sport.

Dern’s career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been marked by a series of impressive performances, with only a few setbacks. Her ability to apply her BJJ expertise in MMA has made her a formidable opponent in her division. As of my last update, she continues to be a strong contender in the UFC, with many anticipating her potential to compete for a title in the near future.

In addition to her fighting career, Dern has also established a significant presence on social media. Her near-million followers on platforms like Instagram reflect her popularity not just as a fighter but also as a public figure. Her social media accounts provide insights into her training, personal life, and experiences as a professional athlete and mother, further endearing her to fans worldwide.

Mackenzie Dern’s journey in MMA and BJJ, coupled with her role as a mother and social media influencer, paints the picture of a multifaceted and inspiring athlete. Her achievements in combat sports and her ability to balance her professional and personal life continue to make her an influential figure in the world of sports.

Rachael Ostovich

Rachael Ostovich, while not necessarily renowned for her record in the UFC, has certainly made a name for herself in the world of mixed martial arts, particularly due to her striking appearance and charisma. Her time in the UFC was marked by several challenges in the octagon, including a series of losses that eventually led to her departure from the organization.

Despite her mixed performance record, Ostovich garnered significant attention for her fights, notably her bout against Paige VanZant, which was widely publicized and attracted viewers not just for the athletic competition but also for the presence of two highly marketable and popular fighters. This fight, often referred to as one of the “prettiest” in MMA, highlighted the crossover appeal of certain athletes in the sport.

Outside the octagon, Ostovich has been quite active on social media, where she enjoys a substantial following. Her posts often feature her fitness routines, modeling photos, and glimpses into her personal life, showcasing her multifaceted persona beyond her identity as a fighter. This has helped her maintain a public profile even after her UFC tenure.

Rachael Ostovich continues to be a recognized figure in the combat sports community. Her journey in MMA, though marked by ups and downs in the UFC, reflects the diverse paths athletes can take in their careers. Her ability to maintain a public presence and engage with a broad audience demonstrates the expanding scope of what it means to be a fighter and a public figure in the modern era of sports and entertainment.

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate, a former UFC champion, is widely recognized as one of the most formidable and resilient fighters in the history of women’s mixed martial arts. Her nickname “Cupcake” contrasts sharply with her fierce and competitive nature inside the octagon, where she has demonstrated remarkable toughness and skill.

Tate’s career in MMA is marked by numerous memorable battles, showcasing her willingness to engage in intense fights and her well-rounded abilities in both striking and grappling. Her fighting style, combined with her physical fitness and determination, has made her a standout athlete in the sport.

Outside the cage, Miesha Tate’s personality is indeed more reflective of her nickname. Known for her cheerful and kind demeanor, she has become a beloved figure among fans and peers alike. This juxtaposition of her in-ring tenacity and out-of-ring amiability has endeared her to a wide audience, highlighting the multifaceted nature of athletes in combat sports.

In addition to her achievements in MMA, Tate has also been involved in modeling, further showcasing her versatility and appeal beyond the world of fighting. Her presence in the sport extends beyond her physical abilities, as she represents a blend of strength, kindness, and beauty, challenging traditional stereotypes about female athletes.

Miesha Tate continues to be a significant figure in MMA, both for her contributions inside the octagon and her influence as a role model outside of it. Her journey in the sport has been inspirational, demonstrating that success in the demanding world of MMA can coexist with a positive and approachable personality.

Tracy Cortez

Tracy Cortez, an American fighter of Mexican descent, has been making waves in the UFC with her impressive performances and potential for future success. Inspired by her older brother Jose, a professional fighter himself, Cortez’s passion for MMA is deeply rooted in family and personal ambition.

Cortez’s professional debut, which resulted in her only loss, did not deter her; instead, it fueled her determination. Since then, she has maintained an undefeated streak, showcasing her skills and resilience in each bout. Her fighting style and consistent performances have gradually built her reputation in the UFC, positioning her as a rising star in the organization.

While she may not yet have the same level of fame as some of the more established fighters in women’s MMA, Cortez’s potential is widely recognized. Her dedication and skill set suggest that she could very well become a UFC champion in the future, as many fans and analysts have speculated.

In addition to her fighting career, Cortez has also developed a significant presence on social media. With hundreds of thousands of followers, she shares aspects of her training, personal life, and professional journey, connecting with fans beyond the octagon. This social media engagement complements her athletic career, helping to build her brand and public profile.

Tracy Cortez continues to be a fighter to watch in the UFC. Her combination of talent, determination, and growing popularity both in and out of the ring make her a notable figure in the sport, with a promising future ahead. Her journey reflects the evolving landscape of MMA, where skill, personality, and social media savvy all play a role in an athlete’s success and public appeal.

Alexa Grasso

Alexa Grasso, a talented fighter from Mexico, has been a notable presence in the UFC since her debut in the organization in 2016. Known for her striking skills and athletic prowess, Grasso has demonstrated her capabilities in various matchups, contributing to her reputation as a formidable competitor in her weight class.

Grasso’s journey in the UFC has indeed seen its share of highs and lows. These experiences have shaped her as a fighter, showcasing her resilience and ability to adapt and improve. Her performances in the octagon have earned her respect from fans and fellow fighters alike, highlighting her as a serious contender in her division.

Beyond her fighting career, Grasso’s personality and appearance have also garnered attention. Contrasting with her fierce competitiveness in the cage, her kind demeanor and approachable nature have made her a fan favorite. This combination of skill and charisma has helped her build a strong following, both within the MMA community and beyond.

On social media, particularly Instagram, Grasso shares various aspects of her life, from training and fight preparations to more personal and candid moments. Her follower count, which is in the hundreds of thousands, reflects her popularity and the interest people have in her career and life. These posts offer fans a glimpse of her life outside the octagon, including her fitness routines, personal style, and moments of relaxation.

Alexa Grasso continues to be a prominent figure in the UFC. Her blend of fighting talent, sportsmanship, and engaging personality makes her a well-rounded and admired athlete in the world of mixed martial arts. Her ongoing career in the UFC is a testament to her dedication to the sport and her ability to connect with a wide audience.

Felice Herrig

Felice Herrig, known in the MMA world as “Lil Bulldog,” is a veteran fighter whose career in the UFC has been marked by both successes and challenges. Despite the tough nature of her nickname, Herrig is also recognized for her striking appearance, which has made her stand out in the world of mixed martial arts.

Herrig’s journey in the UFC has seen a mix of victories and setbacks. Her early successes in the organization showcased her skills and determination, but she also faced a series of losses that tested her resilience as a fighter. Despite these challenges, Herrig’s commitment to the sport and her ability to remain competitive at a high level have been commendable.

At 36 years old, Herrig continues to maintain a remarkable level of fitness and athleticism, qualities that many professional athletes strive to achieve. Her physical condition, combined with her fighting experience, makes her a seasoned competitor in her division.

Outside the octagon, Herrig is known for her vibrant personality and engaging presence on social media. Her posts often feature her training routines, personal life, and various modeling shots, showcasing her multifaceted persona. This has helped her maintain a strong fan base and public profile, even as she navigates the ups and downs of her fighting career.

Felice Herrig remains an active fighter in the UFC. Her persistence in the sport, despite the challenges she has faced, speaks to her character and dedication. Whether she will be able to turn things around in her MMA career remains to be seen, but her journey continues to inspire and resonate with fans and fellow athletes alike. Herrig’s story in MMA is a testament to the perseverance and enduring appeal of veteran fighters in the sport. Jessica Eye

A lot of people thought that Jessica Eye would have more success in the UFC than she actually had so far. After sweeping the competition in Bellator, she had difficulty finding her rhythm in the UFC. Still, she’s an amazing fighter and has the appearance to be a model if she wants to.

Unlike most women on this list, she doesn’t boast that sweet, innocent girl style. Instead, she has this strong, badass attitude that makes her even hotter. Her nickname, Evil, supports that attitude, too.

Jessica Eye

A lot of people thought that Jessica Eye would have more success in the UFC than she actually had so far. After sweeping the competition in Bellator, she had difficulty finding her rhythm in the UFC. Still, she’s an amazing fighter and has the appearance to be a model if she wanted to.

Unlike most women on this list, she doesn’t boast that sweet, innocent girl style. Instead, she has this strong, badass attitude that makes her even hotter. Her nickname Evil supports that attitude, too.

Aleksandra Albu

Aleksandra Albu, a fighter with Moldovan-Russian heritage, has made a notable impression in the UFC, despite having relatively less experience in the organization compared to some of her peers. Her striking appearance and athletic physique have garnered significant attention, making her one of the more memorable female fighters in the UFC.

Albu’s natural charm and impressive physical condition have not only made her a standout in the octagon but also outside of it. Her foray into modeling and willingness to showcase her fitness and body confidence have added to her public persona. This aspect of her career is evident in her social media presence, where she often shares content that highlights her fitness journey, modeling endeavors, and personal interests.

Her posts, which sometimes include videos of her dancing or engaging in various fitness activities, reflect her comfort and confidence in her own skin. This openness and boldness in expressing herself have endeared her to a segment of fans who appreciate both her athletic talents and her vibrant personality.

While her fighting career in the UFC may not have reached the same heights as some of the more prominent names in women’s MMA, Albu’s dedication to maintaining peak physical condition and her ventures outside of fighting demonstrate a diverse range of interests and talents.

Aleksandra Albu continues to be a figure of interest both in and out of the MMA community. Her journey in the sport, coupled with her pursuits in modeling and fitness, showcases the multifaceted nature of modern athletes, who often balance their competitive careers with personal passions and public engagements.

Randa Markos

Randa Markos, known for her distinctive red hair and formidable skills in the octagon, is a notable figure in the UFC’s strawweight division. Born in Iraq and raised in Canada, Markos’ journey into MMA was influenced by her background in wrestling and her personal connections to the sport, particularly through her husband, who is also an MMA fighter.

Markos’ transition from wrestling to MMA has been marked by a series of ups and downs. Her skill set, which includes a strong grappling foundation, has made her a competitive fighter in her division. However, her career in the UFC has also been characterized by a series of losses, which have put her position in the organization at risk.

Despite these challenges, Markos’ frequent appearances in the octagon, averaging almost four fights a year, demonstrate her commitment and resilience. Her active fighting schedule reflects her dedication to the sport and her willingness to continuously test herself against various opponents.

Her striking appearance, particularly her vibrant red hair, combined with her athletic physique, has made her a memorable athlete in the UFC. This, along with her fighting skills, has contributed to her popularity both within and outside the MMA community.

Randa Markos remains a fighter in the UFC, though her future in the organization may be uncertain due to her recent fight record so she may not make it to the UFC history books. Regardless of her status in the UFC, Markos’ abilities and marketability suggest that she could find opportunities in other areas, whether in combat sports or in ventures outside the octagon. Her journey in MMA showcases the challenges and uncertainties professional fighters often face, as well as the potential for athletes to explore diverse paths in their careers.

Claudia Gadelha

Claudia Gadelha is a professional mixed martial artist, who has been a prominent figure in the UFC’s strawweight division for several years, known not only for her striking appearance and distinctive tattoo but also for her impressive skills in the octagon. Her journey to becoming a professional MMA fighter is a testament to her determination and passion for the sport.

Gadelha’s story is particularly inspiring considering the initial opposition she faced from her parents, who believed martial arts were too violent for a girl. Her dedication to training in secret until she earned her family’s support showcases her commitment to pursuing her dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

In the UFC, Gadelha has proven herself to be a formidable competitor. Her technical skills and fighting prowess have placed her among the top fighters in the strawweight division. However, her path to a championship title has been challenged, notably by Joanna Jedrzejczyk, who defeated her in their encounters. These bouts with Jedrzejczyk were not only significant for their competitive nature but also for highlighting Gadelha’s abilities against top-tier opponents.

Outside the octagon, Gadelha’s presence is marked by her engaging personality and her role as a trailblazer for women in MMA. Her journey from training in secret to becoming a top UFC fighter is an inspiring story of perseverance and breaking barriers.

Claudia Gadelha continues to be a respected athlete in the UFC. Her career in the organization has been characterized by high-level competition and a dedication to the sport that has made her a role model for aspiring fighters. Her story within the UFC underscores the evolving landscape of women’s MMA, where athletes like Gadelha have paved the way for future generations of female fighters.

Holly Holm

Holly Holm, a veteran in the world of mixed martial arts, is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and famous female fighters in the sport’s history. Her background in kickboxing and boxing has been a cornerstone of her successful transition to MMA, where she has utilized her striking skills to great effect.

Holm’s most iconic moment in the UFC undoubtedly came when she delivered a stunning head kick knockout to Ronda Rousey, claiming the UFC bantamweight championship. This victory not only cemented her status as a top fighter in the division but also marked one of the most memorable upsets in UFC history. In other words she is a UFC title holder.

Beyond her achievements in the octagon, Holm is also known for her striking appearance and natural charisma. At 39 years old, she maintains a remarkable level of fitness and athleticism, which she often showcases on her social media platforms. Her presence on platforms like Instagram, where she has amassed over 2 million followers, reflects her popularity and the admiration she receives from fans around the world.

Holm’s posts provide insights into her training regimen, personal life, and various public appearances, offering fans a glimpse into the life of a professional athlete. Her authenticity and approachability on social media have further endeared her to her followers.

Holly Holm continues to be a significant figure in the MMA ring. Her legacy in the sport is marked by her championship victories, her high-level striking skills, and her role as a trailblazer for women in combat sports. Holm’s career, characterized by both skill and grace, serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating the potential for longevity and success in a demanding and competitive sport like MMA.

Tecia Torres

Tecia Torres, known for her remarkable combination of toughness in the octagon and striking beauty, is a notable figure in the UFC’s strawweight division. She is one of the top ranked female fighters loved by MMA fans. Her journey in MMA has been characterized by both notable successes and challenging setbacks, reflecting the competitive nature of the sport.

Torres made a strong start in her UFC career, showcasing her skills and determination. However, she faced a series of losses against some of the top fighters in the division, including Rose Namajunas, Jessica Andrade, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and Zhang Weili. These bouts against high-caliber opponents underscored her ability to compete at the highest level, even in defeat.

Despite these challenges, Torres has demonstrated resilience by bouncing back with victories, reaffirming her status as a formidable competitor in the strawweight division. Her fighting style, marked by speed and technical proficiency, has earned her respect and admiration from fans and fellow fighters.

Outside of her MMA career, Torres has explored opportunities in modeling, where her natural photogenic qualities and athletic physique have been well received. Her foray into underwear modeling and other gigs has showcased her versatility and potential in the modeling industry.

Tecia Torres continues to balance her career as a professional fighter with opportunities outside the octagon. Whether she chooses to focus solely on MMA or expand her modeling career, Torres has already established herself as a multifaceted athlete with a wide range of talents and appeal. Her journey in the UFC and beyond highlights the diverse paths that professional athletes can pursue, blending their sporting endeavors with personal interests and talents.

Andrea Lee

It’s funny how life takes us on paths we never even dreamed of. Andrea Lee worked as a waitress, where she watched some MMA on TV and got interested in it. She found a gym, started training and ended up being a fairly successful UFC fighter.

Lee is quite stunning, too. With her blonde hair and cowgirl attitude, the only thing making her even hotter is her gorgeous smile. She’s done some modeling along with MMA, even going topless for a ringside photoshoot at one point.

Valentina Shevchenko

Not only is Valentina Shevchenko a beautiful woman, but she’s one of the best female fighters in UFC and MMA history. She is a spectacular Muay Thai fighter, having a prolific career in that sport before transitioning to MMA.

She became the UFC flyweight champion and dominated the division for years, and it’s hard to see anybody but Amanda Nunes stopping her.

Ashley Yoder

Ashley Yoder is a UFC strawweight fighter with mediocre success in the Octagon. However, her beautiful personality makes her so radiant, while her stunning body definitely puts her among the most beautiful female UFC fighters ever. She kind of looks like a soccer mom, but ten times more hot.

Also, she sports one of the weirdest nicknames I’ve heard in the sport, as they call her Spider Monkey. I’ve never heard of spider monkeys before, but at least we know they are hot.

Cat Zingano

Cat is one of the most well-known female fighters to ever compete in the Octagon. Although she transitioned to Bellator, she had a lot of success in the UFC. She’s one of the rare fighters to defeat Amanda Nunes, and she did it with a huge TKO.

It’s incredible that Zingano has over 15 professional MMA fights and is 38 years old but still looks that incredible. She has well over half a million followers on Instagram and does a lot of modeling as of late.

Angela Hill

Angela Hill has been around in the UFC for quite some time, and she’s best known for her peculiar alien cosplays on weigh-ins and face-offs. Her recognizable hairstyle and stunning body are her biggest attributes that landed her a spot on this list.

She’s not a bad fighter either, and she has some nice UFC wins, although she never really got any real momentum. She also has two UFC stints behind her, in between which she became the Invicta FC strawweight champion.

Ronda Rousey

Is Ronda Rousey the most popular female MMA fighter ever? Probably. But is she the fighter that put women MMA on the map? Definitely. Rousey was the face of the UFC for years while she was the bantamweight champion. She retired from MMA even though she’s still in her mid-30s, but she’s as beautiful as ever.

She was cold-blooded and ruthless in the Octagon but kind and cute outside. She made a great career for herself after the UFC, though, starring in Hollywood movies and taking part in WWE pro-wrestling.

Ariane Lipski

Ariane Lipski is one of my favorites on this list, and I consider her the hottest fighter in the UFC right now. But, that’s just my opinion. She’s beautiful, but so much more than that. She was the KSW Flyweight champion at one point before transitioning to the UFC, and she well deserved her nickname “Queen of Violence,” finishing 9 of her 13 wins so far.

You’d never say that pretty face is so deadly with her fists, and she’s just 27. Her time is yet to come.

Cheyanne Buys (Vlismas)

Cheyanne Vlismas-Buys just became a member of the UFC in 2021. While her performance wasn’t that eye-popping, her appearance certainly is. She has a great upside to her game, and she’s only 25, meaning there’s a lot of progress yet to be made. She’s a beautiful woman but a genuinely sweet person, too.

Her Instagram has only 53 thousand followers, but I’m sure that number will explode after a few UFC fights.

Carla Esparza

Carla Esparza was the first UFC strawweight champion. Apart from being a fantastic fighter, Carla is also a beautiful lady, always with a smile on her face. She never got to defend her title, though, as Joanna Jedrzejczyk took her down on her first title defense.

Although she had some ups and downs in the promotion, Esparza found her footing again, stringing five wins and counting. It’s probably a matter of a moment before she gets a new shot at the title.

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood, often referred to as “JoJo,” is a well-known figure in the UFC’s women’s divisions, recognized for both her distinctive appearance and her considerable skills inside the octagon. Her journey in the UFC has been significant, especially since she has been a part of the organization since the introduction of the women’s divisions.

Calderwood’s fighting style and experience have positioned her as a kind of gatekeeper in her division, a fighter whom others must contend with to prove their worthiness for title contention. This role underscores her status as a seasoned and respected competitor in the UFC.

Apart from her achievements in the octagon, Calderwood is also known for her unique look, including her hairstyle and striking blue eyes, which complement her engaging personality. Her presence extends beyond fighting, as evidenced by her social media activity, particularly on Instagram, where she connects with over 172,000 followers. Her posts often provide insights into her training, personal life, and various interests, showcasing her as a multifaceted individual.

Calderwood’s ability to blend a friendly, humorous demeanor with her competitive nature in the cage makes her a beloved figure among MMA fans. Her career in the UFC, marked by both challenges and successes, reflects the dynamic and demanding nature of professional fighting.

Joanne Calderwood continues to be an active and influential competitor in the UFC. Her role as a veteran fighter and a personality in the sport demonstrates the diverse ways athletes can impact their respective fields, both through their performance and their public persona.

Rose Namajunas

Many folks don’t like her super-short hairstyle and prefer the long-haired Rose Namajunas. I think she looks just as beautiful and special as she ever did. Thug Rose is not only a wonderful woman and person but one of the best ever to wear UFC gloves.

She’s a striking virtuoso that became a champion two times, making her one of the few fighters to ever achieve that, especially in the women’s divisions.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Karolina Kowalkiewicz is a Polish MMA star that’s been in the UFC for a long time. She’s a gorgeous woman that hasn’t competed in a while after four consecutive losses and most likely won’t compete in the UFC again.

She left a mark, though, not only with her looks but with awesome fights and big wins against fighters like Felice Herrig, Rose Namajunas, Randa Markos, and others.

Montana De La Rosa

You probably haven’t heard of Montana De La Rosa before, but she is an incredibly talented and resilient fighter. She’s been in the UFC since 2017 and is still just 26 years old. De La Rosa fights in the flyweight division and garners much attention with her greatly entertaining fights and gorgeous looks.

Veronica Macedo

Finally, Veronica Macedo might not be one of the best fighters on this list, but in the end, it’s not a list about the best but the hottest fighters in the UFC. And, she certainly fits that bill. Aged just 25, the Venezuela-native is absolutely gorgeous.

She showed some promising skills that just aren’t mature enough yet, but she might get better with time. If not, we’ll enjoy watching her fights nevertheless.

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has been training in the art of kickboxing for over seven years, holds a Taekwondo black belt, and has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. He's a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster.
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Vladimir Vladisavljevic

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He has been training in kickboxing for over seven years and holds a Taekwondo black belt. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. Vladimir is a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster. He was known as The Bulgarian Cowboy in the Western world. In addition, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his love of esports, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Our testing and reviewing method.
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