RDX MMA Gloves Review (2020)

RDX MMA Gloves that are worth your money 2023

Regarding the best MMA gloves, RDX is by far the best brand to go for. Worn by American martial arts champion Tony Ferguson, famous for holding the longest fighting win streak, RDX gloves surpass many MMA gloves sold online for their durability and versatility.

We recommend RDX MMA gloves, for it allows you to switch from punching to grappling exercises without the hassle of changing gloves, and they will last you for a very long time. They are your perfect all-around gloves for MMA.

You can find RDX MMA gloves on Amazon.

Extremely durable leatherIt would be best if you were careful about choosing the right size
Excellent protection and impact resistance
Versatile – bag workout, grappling, as well as sudden floor exercises
Very comfortable

Why do you need MMA gloves?

Even if you’re a newbie just stepping into mixed martial arts, you probably already have a vague idea that gloves are worn for protection. As scary as it sounds, there was a time when fighters did not wear gloves in the ring, and this did not last long due to the constant hand injuries fighters incurred.

Thus, the wearing of gloves was introduced. MMA fighters, as well as boxers, use gloves to protect their hands and to lessen cuts on the face.

Even with gloves on, our hand structures are fragile and can easily be damaged while landing a punch. It makes things worse that most blows are directed at our skull, a solid bone, so the chances of injury are always relatively high.

More minor injuries occur while exercising, such as blisters, scars on hands, bleedings, and such.

Gloves were introduced to protect fighters’ fists from injuries and reduce the number of facial lacerations (and stoppages due to cuts) that soldiers experienced without gloves. The introduction of gloves was also intended to encourage soldiers to use their hands for striking to allow for more captivating matches for fans. 

RDX MMA Gloves Review

If you’re new to MMA or a veteran looking to replace your old gloves, we highly recommend you try RDX’s MMA gloves. Here’s why.

A pair of MMA gloves are not worthy of being called that name if they can’t accomplish the most important job: protecting your knuckles and wrist.

The critical aspect to look at here is the material of the gloves. For starters, RDX gloves boast 100 percent authentic Maya hide leather material.

Have you ever heard of this material? To better understand the quality of an RDX glove, let’s compare it to other MMA gloves sold in the market.

Most MMA gloves are made from PU or polyurethane leather, a type of artificial leather made from split leather (leftover hide for making genuine leather). Maya Hide leather is PU leather but of higher quality. It is made to be more resilient and long-lasting and much thicker and lighter in weight. Compared to other PU leather, Maya hide has a different texture.

I am using these gloves, as well as many practitioners in my gym, and we all agree the gloves did a great job protecting the knuckles from tears and blisters. Say goodbye to bloody knuckles with the RDX MMA gloves. With the glove’s hook-and-loop feature, your wrists are given extra support, which doesn’t inhibit your movement.

Also, one of the things we loved most about RDX’s MMA gloves was their versatility. AsAs we mentioned a while ago, these gloves allow you to switch between exercises while protecting your knuckles. They are incredibly lightweight and are easy to put on and take off.

Are you looking for a pair of gloves for grappling but also want to use the same team for boxing or working out? RDX MMA gloves should do the trick. Most MMA gloves sold online won’t allow you to switch between bag work, grappling, and other floor exercises with the same pair. You either have to change gloves or remove them altogether.

Another great feature of the RDX gloves is their tri-layered padding that disperses the shock impact of every punch. These gloves are explicitly made for impact resistance, and the three layers of padding work together to ensure your hands are protected during training. As I mentioned a while ago, these gloves are also great for working out because of their cut curved palm design, allowing for smooth rod or bar gripping. An open palm design also allows air to flow- no stinky, clogged-sweat smell any day.

Let’s talk about price. No one wants to waste money with expensive gloves that easily break or spend money on a cheap pair that also ends up in the garbage – quality for a reasonable price is the goal. With RDX’s MMA gloves, you get high-quality gloves for a decent price range. If they are still too expensive, check out our cheap alternative.

You can check out the RDX MMA gloves on Amazon.

Cheaper Alternative – Liberlupus MMA Gloves

Still unsure if you want to go with the RDX MMA gloves because of the price? Luckily, we have a cheaper alternative ready for you.

Another popular glove sold online is Liberplus MMA Gloves for men and women. Many of our students use them, and we have tried them several times.

They are not as good as RDX MMA gloves, but these gloves are a great alternative to RDX gloves for this price.

Although they’re not as durable, the Liberplus work well for MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, sparring, and other workouts.

The main drawback of these gloves is their padding, and I still had to wear wraps underneath during heavy punching routines. However, for your price, these gloves work well and are a cheaper substitute for RDX gloves.

You can check out the Liberlupus MMA gloves on Amazon.


We recommend the RDX MMA gloves for their versatility and durability.

The price is reasonably low for the quality you get. They will last you a long time, and you will feel like a pro when you put them on. These gloves are perfect for newbies and hardcore MMA practitioners.

If you think the RDX gloves are too expensive, try the Liberplus gloves. We recommend them to those looking for a cheaper alternative, yet still of good quality.

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