Professional MMA Fighters Who Enjoy Gambling

The winner-take-all nature of mixed martial arts has always attracted athletes who are not averse to a bit of risk. So, we should not be surprised that some of these very same personalities are avid gambling fans. Let’s take a look at a handful of well-known fighters who are known just as much for their prowess on the (proverbial) felt as within the octagon.

Anderson Silva

Silva has become synonymous with MMA and he is also considered to be an ambassador from the sport. Sometimes referred to as “the spider” for his mobility on the ground, Anderson is also a fan of casinos. He regularly travels to physical establishments while on the road and according to many, he places wagers on other sports with the help of online bookmakers.

Dana White

Although Dana White is the face behind modern MMA, did you know that he was also a fighter at one time? To be clear, he had few professional bouts and his matches cannot be classified as mixed martial arts by today’s standards. He is nonetheless proficient in both boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Outside of the ring, White is a blackjack fanatic and it is claimed that he walked away with a cool $7 million dollars after a single night out in Las Vegas. So, it would not come as a great surprise if White chooses to play blackjack at Jackpotcity on occasion. Not only are there plenty of unique titles to choose from, but the sheer number of ongoing bonuses should appeal to White’s fiscally pragmatic side.

Conor McGregor

Love him or hate him, there is little debate that Conor McGregor is one of the most talented MMA fighters of his generation. Known for his ability to push the envelope while in the octagon, it seems as if he is just as competitive within the casino circuit. McGregor is said to particularly enjoy slots; perhaps because of their decidedly random nature. Considering how far his professional career has evolved, we have to wonder if slots are his next calling.

Terrence Chan

This next fighter is somewhat of a lesser-known MMA fighter and yet, he has been competing on the professional level since as far back as 2012. When not grappling on the canvas, Chan enjoys a good game of poker. He has also demonstrated his skills over the years thanks to two appearances in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) finals. Chan has likewise garnered over $1 million dollars in winnings, so other opponents should taken him

Other MMA fighters who deserve honourable mentions include Ricco Rodriguez, Nate Diaz and Hanny Sbat. Above all, it is clear to see that these athletes are attracted to fast-paced hobbies that could very well result in massive wins. While gambling always involves a certain amount of luck, skill plays an equally crucial role. After all, part of the fun is associated with the uncertainty of any hand!

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