Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts Review

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts Review 2024

Today, we’ll be reviewing Diamond MMA’s Groin Protector and Compression Shorts!

The groin is the most sensitive area on a man’s body, and you should always try to keep it as safe as possible whenever you’re doing something physical. If you’re a fighter, then there’s the likelihood of another fighter actively trying to hurt you, and despite groin kicks being illegal – accidents still do happen.

Despite them literally dealing in violence – fighters naturally don’t like to hit one another in the groin, and even if it happens by accident, they’ll try to apologize and show respect to one another. The term ‘below the belt’ was taken directly from boxing, as there’s no punching below the belt in martial arts.

However, it still often happens that fighters accidentally hit one another in the groin, with no intention, and in that case – having protection can save them a great deal of pain. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at arguably the most famous groin protector in the world – Diamond MMA’s Athletic Cup Groin Protector that’s used by fighters all around.

Let’s get started!

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts Overview

The Design

This groin protector is shaped like a diamond. That’s actually where it gets the name from, and that ensures that all your parts fit nicely in the groin protector. Another reason it may be called that is that the protector is very hard, so the comparison to a diamond may be originating there. This protector is made from military-grade elastics and premium spandex – this means that despite feeling pressure when you’re hit – you won’t be feeling any pain.

This, however, doesn’t apply to all situations. Obviously, if a large enough force is applied to the area, you’ll feel pain – but that’s unlikely to happen during a fight.

The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection for the athlete.

It’s great that the designers thought of the strapping, as well as the toughness of the shell. The protector uses a 4-strap jock system to hold a specially designed athletic cup in place within a perfectly tailored cup pocket. This patent-pending system prevents both lateral and vertical movement of the cup. The Diamond MMA Compression shorts have a drawstring providing a custom fit.

This assures us of two things – firstly, the cup will fit nicely and tightly and no you shouldn’t worry about it moving places. Secondly, the compression shorts are going to feel comfortable, just like the cup.

The Diamond MMA compression jock and cup system is the ultimate in groin protection for high-impact sports and delivers the most effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort.

The cup’s patent-pending design protects sensitive groin muscles and nerves with a specially designed ergonomic soft elastomer edge. The core of the cup is made with rigid but flexible polycarbonate, the same plastic material utilized in bulletproof glass. It was designed by award-winning designers and Stanford University engineers, while the system has been approved by doctors and urologists as the best groin protection on the market. Diamond MMA products are used by professional athletes worldwide without sponsorships.

Some form of plastic is usually used when designing groin protectors, but the designers went in a completely different direction with this groin protector and decided to make it harder, but at the same time – more flexible. The polycarbonate design is surrounded by elastomer support – the purpose of that is to disperse energy when the cup is actually hit.

The polycarbonate build and rubberized edges of the cup allow easy cleaning of the cup, which you’ll find essential, as it will get sweaty through each workout.


This cup is very easy to use, and it comes with a pair of compression shorts. You need to place the cup in the front of the shorts, which ensures a far more comfortable way of wearing groin protectors. Other groin protectors may need you to use jockstraps – that won’t be necessary with this groin protector.

However, some users find it difficult to actually fit the cup into place, as there’s some material between the cup and the groin. But once you manage to set it properly, it’s going to stay there the whole time and you won’t have to worry about it moving.

The cup is very comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about it nudging your skin or irritating it in any way, as it was made with flexible polycarbonate which ensures added comfort. The cup will flex and bend with the body and that flexibility won’t be affected by the impact of a hit, at all. The added rubberized layer around the edge helps with impact distribution.

The only issue with the use of these shorts is that if you have several training sessions a week, you’ll need to have more than a single pair of shorts, as there’s no way you’ll have them all clean and ready for whenever you’d like to work.


As we’ve already said, this cup was made with military-grade materials. To be classified as a military-grade material, a material actually has to have some testing done on it and pass it successfully.

Now, the military-grade material used in the creation of this cup is polycarbonate, which means that you can expect this cup to last for about 3 years. This means that not only will the material protect you well with a lot of flexibility – it’s going to serve you for a long time, as well.

If you’re looking to throw yourself into MMA with passion, you’re definitely going to need to invest in your gear. However, if you choose smartly and make educated choices, you aren’t going to need to renew your closet every few years. By purchasing this groin protector, you’re ensuring that you have a tool that’s going to keep your groin safe for years to come, without having to worry about buying a new groin protector.


Many users haven’t found this groin protector as cheap. And that’s true, it’s not. It may not be expensive, but it’s not on the affordable side of things either. However, if you’re truly making smart investments in your equipment, buying this protector shouldn’t be that much of an issue, as it’s not wildly expensive.

You’re also purchasing a quality product, and that’s always a plus.

Pros and Cons

high-quality materials – the materials used in the manufacturing of this groin protector are military-grade, which means that they’re strong and long-lastingpricing – this groin protector isn’t cheap, and if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look into other things
flexibility – the groin protector is very good at adapting to the natural curves of the human body, ensuring that it stays flexible while also protecting your groinsetup – despite the cup fitting very well, it’s initially difficult to set it up. However, once you do, it fits just fine!
comfort – the materials used feel nice to the touch, while the cup is also rubberized on the edges – this ensures comfort
easy to clean – this cup is very easy to clean and you won’t be having any problems with that if you have to wear it several times a week
a good fit – the cup uses a 4-strap system to be held in place, so you can be sure that it isn’t moving once you set it
the shorts – the shorts are durable and strong, as well, meaning that they’ll offer some level of protection, on top of the cup

Our Verdict

This groin protector is without a doubt the most popular and the best groin protector on the market, and that’s not without good reason! The cup itself is very strong, which is the most important aspect, and it’s surely going to keep your more sensitive parts serious during fights. It’s also very comfortable to wear, fitting nicely, while also keeping you comfortable and safe. The flexibility won’t give way to impact, so you don’t have to worry about the cup only being flexible when it’s not moving.

The materials used with this design are military-grade, ensuring durability and toughness. However, this protector isn’t too cheap, so you should keep that in mind when making your decision.

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has been training in the art of kickboxing for over seven years, holds a Taekwondo black belt, and has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. He's a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster.
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Vladimir Vladisavljevic

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He has been training in kickboxing for over seven years and holds a Taekwondo black belt. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. Vladimir is a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster. He was known as The Bulgarian Cowboy in the Western world. In addition, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his love of esports, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Our testing and reviewing method.
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