(VIDEO) Watch the First Five UFC Knockouts of Stipe Miocic

Win or lose, Miocic Immediately Enters a New Big Match After Cormier!

Dana White spoke about what should await us after the end of the spectacular clash.

Changes, especially when we talk about the UFC, are always possible, but it seems that Dana White has already planned in which direction the heavyweight category will go after the last meeting between the current champion Stipe Miocic and his challenger Daniel Cormier.

Cormier insists that this match, regardless of the outcome, is the last in his career, and if that is really the case, we will surely watch Stipe in a new big and dangerous clash immediately after that.

This was also confirmed by Dana White, who revealed that Stipe, won or lost, is waiting for a title match against a person very familiar to him – Francis Ngannou.

The only question, of course, is whether Stipe will defend his belt in that rematch or will he fight for the vacant title.

“It would be hard to ignore Stipe. We’re saying he’s facing a match that will determine the greatest heavyweight in history, so it would be crazy to say he’s not good enough to take part in a new title match,” White said in response to a question from ‘The Schmo’, which was wondered what would happen if DC won the belt.

As we mentioned earlier, ‘Predator’ will most likely be Miocic’s new rival. This is no surprise and the Cameroonian-French striker with four consecutive knockouts in the first round definitely deserved a new opportunity.

“Francis is next in line. But we’ll see what all happens in the upcoming match. But, yes, Francis is the one,” the UFC president confirmed.

White is a little more careful here, too, because Cormier didn’t really convince him that he will retire.

“No, it’s not his last match. A lot will depend on what follows. If he wins in a spectacular way, then he’s certainly not retiring. And as far as I know him, if he loses he’ll say he can’t retire that way. You know me, I always say that fighters should retire when they start thinking about it. Stipe, who was also sent to retirement by some after this match, has stopped those speculations. I don’t think either of them should do that. These two are the best in the world and a lot is left in them. But we’ll see,” White said in another interview with ESPN.

Let us remind you that Stipe already fought with Ngannou in January 2018, and then, in front of the full stands of Boston’s TD Garden, he completely dominated and defeated the untill unstoppable ‘Predator’.

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