'Enough Crying!' - Miocic Retaliated Against Cormier, Blaydes, and Other Critics!

What a Fight! Miocic Defeated Cormier and Defended the UFC Title After a Brutal Battle!

After 25 minutes of a great fight, the scoring judges ruled twice at 49:46 and once 48:47 in favor of Stipe Miocic, who remained the UFC heavyweight champion!

First round:

Cormier immediately takes the middle of the Octagon, but there are no serious attempts in the first minute.

It arrives after about a minute and 20 seconds, when Miocic hits a blow to the body, after which Cormier enters the takedown that he managed, but Miocic immediately returned to his feet.

A clinch follows along the edge of the cage, but at the end of the second minute of the round, Stipe gets out of it and returns to the distance. But again Cormier holds the middle of the octagon.

In the middle of the round, Miocic’s last direct hit and another blow to the body after that. Unfortunately, shortly after that, what we didn’t want to see happens. Cormier once again hits Miocic in the eye with his finger and it looked very serious. Judge Goddard warned Cormier as Miocic was recovering and the fight continued.

A great few punches by Miocic entering the last minute, in the head and body of Cormier, but after that, he rushes into the clinch and receives a blow when coming out of the clinch like the one Cormier knocked out in the first fight.

Ten seconds before the end of the round, Cormier’s excellent right cross briefly shakes Miocic. It is possible that Cormier “stole” this round with that blow.

Second round:

A good series by Miocic at the beginning of the round, but he did not manage to connect another shot.

Entering the second minute Cormier hits once more when exiting the clinch.

By the middle of the round only a few shots from a distance. Miocic tried to shoot the body and he succeeded several times, but the real shot did not land. Cormier, on the other hand, would often manage to counter this with his shot.

Miocic manages to seriously shake Cormier with his right crochet ten seconds before the end of the round and enters the “full mount”, but there was not enough time to finish the fight. If it wasn’t only ten seconds left, it would be difficult for Cormier to last until the end of the round.

Third round:

At the start of the third round, Cormier feels the consequences of the end of the previous one, by having a swelling appear where he received the blow.

At the end of the first minute, Miocic attacks fiercely and hits a series of blows to which Cormier manages to respond and stay on his feet.

Half a minute later there is a clinch that Stipe controls right next to his corner.

In the middle of the round, Miocic attacked again, but Cormier defended himself again with a clinch. Cormier managed to rest through that clinch and get back on his feet, but we are watching Miocic’s great finale again. Cormier was shaken once more but escaped and waited for the end of the round.

However, at the very end, we saw Miocic stab Cormier in the eye, to which DC reacted, but the judge did not accept his suggestion.

Fourth round:

The fourth section is better opened by Cormier, through two direct passes, after which Stipe enters the clinch and comes to control by the fence.

However, it did not take long and the action is again in the middle of the arena, which is now controlled by Miocic.

We went to the middle of the round without a strong initiative, followed by the right direct Miocic, but also the right crochet by Cormier, after which everything was equal again.

The end of the uncertain round brings a new clinch and leaving it with a short exchange in which they both hit again.

Fifth round:

Stipe opened the last round more aggressively, but the first minute again brings a good shot from each side, after which there was a new clinch controlled by Miocic.

The clinch came out in the middle of the round, followed by several good punches by Cormier, but immediately after that by Miocic.

In the last minute of the most passive round so far, they enter the clinch with “dirty boxing”. Miocic decided to control and thus welcomed the end of the fight.

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