(Video) You Have To See This Kid Dodge Every Punch Thrown At Him

(Video) You Have To See This Kid Dodge Every Punch Thrown At Him

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In this video you can see a kid on a boxing training, dodging every punch thrown at him. All those movements are lightning-fast, even thou, they are probably trained for.

We have to say this is probably a training regime, where trainer aims exactly there where the head isn’t, but it is still very hard to endure that rhythm and dodge those blows without missing a beat.

You can see for yourself below and give us your thoughts in the comments on our Facebook page.

Whatever it is, this boy is very impressive, he is extremely fast, trained great, and has great endurance. Without those things, he would never be able to do this.

This kid dodges every punch thown at him. from r/fightporn

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