(VIDEO) Will Cody Garbrandt Finally Return This Weekend?

(VIDEO) Will Cody Garbrandt Finally Return This Weekend?

15 months after suffering his third knockout defeat in a row, Cody Garbrandt will re-enter the Octagon this weekend. The UFC reminded us of his best performances, that is, the performance he will have to be in if he finally wants to return with victories.

When Dominick Cruz returned to fight Henry Cejudo, we wrote about how this was his first fight in three and a half years. But at the same time, just as much has passed since Cody Garbrandt’s last victory, which he achieved against Cruz. In that fight, he delighted with his performance and deservedly won the title of champion, presenting a new version of the fighter, a fighter who was expected to rule the category for years to come.

Instead, he suffered two knockout defeats from TJ Dillashaw and then from Pedro Munhoz, in a fight where he was paying for his impatience, an excessive desire to prove himself, and carelessness as a common derivative of the first two traits. This weekend against Raphael Assuncao he will try to open a new chapter of his career, as similar as possible to how he came to fight Cruz.

And he came to it through five victories, four of which were stoppages. Marcus Brimage, Augusto Mendes, Thomas Almeida, and Takeya Mizugaki are fighters who could not withstand his fast, precise, and strong blows. It is the endings of these four fights that are in the compilation published by the UFC and which try to show what kind of Garbrandt should return if he wants to become a serious candidate for the top of the currently perhaps most exciting division in the entire sport. See it below.

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