(VIDEO) Watch the First Five UFC Knockouts of Stipe Miocic

(VIDEO) Watch the First Five UFC Knockouts of Stipe Miocic

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Stipe Miocic arrived at the UFC in 2011, after six fights at minor promotions. And right at the start, he presented himself as a wicked fighter who will mess up the accounts of many. Of course, few could have expected it to be the most successful champion in UFC heavyweight history, but a lot of it was clear.

In his first nine UFC fights, Stipe recorded seven wins and two losses, five of them by knockout over a row of great fighters. The first to be knocked out was today’s KSW champion, Phil De Fries. This was followed by today’s sadly deceased Shane Del Rosario, and then he ended it up with the always solid Fabio Maldonado. He had to beat Mark Hunt for a full four and a half rounds and hit the most shots in a single fight in UFC history so far. The fifth knockout in that series was the one against Andrej Arlovski, with which he actually started his championship mission.

Ahead of Saturday’s fight, in which Stipe will be looking for his tenth UFC knockout, the UFC decided to recall exactly those five via Instagram. See!

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