“I’m still fat, still ugly, still bald, still a big man, and I’m still unstoppable.” - Tyson Fury

(VIDEO) Watch the emotional moment when Fury finds out that he changed the life of a fan

Shortly after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the current WBC world champion adapted to the situation and started home training, which he decided to share it publicly with his fans.

The popular ‘Gypsy King’ is kept in shape by his wife Paris, but in a way also by thousands of fans who regularly follow live broadcasts of their trainings via Instagram.

Fury’s program usually starts every morning at 9:00 am and lasts for about 45 minutes, and his broadcasts can be spiced up by the guest appearances of the fans he chooses at random. This Tuesday, the honor was given to an unnamed woman who revealed in a broadcast how much Fury and his training helped her fight alcohol.

“Thank you for choosing me. I love you both so much. I drank every day for years, and then one morning I started your workouts. I haven’t had a drink in 10 weeks. I wouldn’t have made it without you two,” Tyson’s fan said to the camera. .

“I’ve personally witnessed it, we have experience in these things,” Fury’s wife Paris would add, alluding to the problems the famous boxer once faced.

The heavyweight champion, of course, did not fail to praise and further motivate his fan.

“Great thing. I know it’s not easy and you’ve done a great job of not drinking for 10 weeks. Really great job and congratulations on that. You need to keep it up and I’ll be here every morning with you from 9:00.” added Fury.

Watch the video of the emotional moment below the article from the 45th minute of the video:

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