(VIDEO) UFC Announces Five Best Knockouts So Far In 2020, Check Them Out!

(VIDEO) UFC Announces Five Best Knockouts So Far In 2020, Check Them Out!

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The UFC has selected the five most impressive knockouts to date within their Octagon in 2020.

We went through the first half of the turbulent 2020, and during that period, 16 events of the world’s largest MMA promotion were held, eight before and eight after a break due to the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 disease.

From those 16 events, the UFC selected the five best knockouts, and the interesting fact is that only one of them was created in that first part of the year. It’s the one in witch Jan Blachowicz won over Corey Anderson. The remaining four took place without an audience in the hall, and two even come from the same event. In fact, from the same category. If you follow the UFC closely, it’s not hard for you to guess which are the two. For the remaining two it is best to watch the video.

The UFC is also asking you who you would include in your Top 5. So we will invite you to leave your comment below the article section on our official Facebook page.

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