(VIDEO) UFC 251 Faceoffs: Tension Could Be Cut With a Knife

(VIDEO) UFC 251 Faceoffs: Tension Could Be Cut With a Knife

Despite measures to distance themselves and wear masks, there was no shortage of excitement at UFC 251 faceoffs.

Everything is ready for the UFC 251 event. The fighters did the weigh-in, which was followed by faceoffs, which will actually be their last freedom before entering the Octagon. Namely, immediately after the faceoffs, it is the turn of the last COVID-19 testing and another isolation until the results come.

And at the faceoffs themselves, it was very interesting. Although the fighters adhered to the measures according to which they were not allowed to come into close contact and all wore masks, the tension was inevitable, especially in the case of those main fights. Already in the eyes of the fighters, there was excitement and impatience for everything to finally start. And for that, we will all have to be a little more patient together.

The introductory program of the event, also rich in great and very important skirmishes, is scheduled exactly at midnight between Saturday and Sunday, while the main program will be followed as early as the standard 4 o’clock in the morning.

Take a look at the Faceoffs!

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