(VIDEO) Miocic Impressed With His Appearance, Cormier's Weight Will Surprise You!

(VIDEO) Miocic Impressed With His Appearance, Cormier’s Weight Will Surprise You!

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Today, a weigh-in was held for the UFC 252 event, which will be led by the third match between the current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and his challenger Daniel Cormier.

Just appearing on the scales revealed a lot to us.

Stipe appeared in great shape in Las Vegas, and during the LIVE broadcast, he also impressed MMA Fighting journalists, one of whom concluded that he does not remember if Miocic ever looked so well prepared. We came across similar comments on several social networks.

And when he stepped on the scales, the current champion revealed to everyone that the day before the historic duel he weighed 233 lbs.

So, Miocic is still a bit heavier than in the second match, but also lighter than in the first fight with Cormier.

DC, who was among the last to appear at the weigh-in, was slightly heavier than Stipe and the scale showed 236 lbs, even thou he is much shorter then Stipe. Cormier is, therefore, a shade lighter than before their last meeting and weighs ten pounds less than at the very beginning of the trilogy.

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