Adesanya Announced the Spectacle in the Next Fight: 'Look what that juiced up monkey looks like, He's Going to Pay for everything!'

(VIDEO) Israel Adesanya went to the streets of New Zealand and gave a speech in front of a crowd of protesters

Israel Adesanya has loudly supported the idea that the protests were launched since the beginning of the equality protests that followed the assassination of George Floyd. But yesterday he joined them, and even gave a speech on the streets of Auckland, to the applause of like-minded people present.

Although New Zealand is known as a country where racism is minimally noticed in everyday life, despite the large number of people of various races living in that island state, citizens rose up and took to the streets to support Americans who have been protesting for several days demanding equal rights for all people and adequate punishment for the police officers who, by their brutal methods, caused the death of George Floyd.

Israel Adesanya also joined the peaceful protest. After other people recognized him, they persuaded him to speak publicly, as a dark-skinned person and also a well-known person who had repeatedly pointed out the problems that had caused people in the world to get back on their feet these days. He did it, to the applause of all present. The video was shared on his Twitter profile by Ariel Helwani.

“I’m furious. How many of you went to the store and then kept your hands behind your back just so someone wouldn’t think you were stealing? How many times have you walked down the street and smiled at the people in front of you to relax them because they were automatically afraid of you? So far in the elevator I have met three times with people who were scared of me so I smiled at them. Why is this happening? Just because I am black? But if I had a choice I would still be black, ” is part of what Adesanya said along the way and called on people of all races to join the protests because their voice means even more than that of blacks themselves.

Adesanya is currently in training and is waiting for a date to fight Paul Costa, which will be his second defense of the UFC middleweight title.

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