(VIDEO) Czechs Unveil New Brutal Sport Based on the "Street Fighter"

(VIDEO) Czechs Unveil New Brutal Sport Based on the “Street Fighter”

This is a project of the Czech MMA promotion I am Fighter (IAF), which has so far done two, so to speak, normal MMA events. Since what they did in the parking garage can hardly be called normal, but it is hard to shake off the impression that it is interesting and intriguing, although many will say it is meaningless. According to many arguments, it is not difficult to agree with that, but let’s go in order.

The IAF Streetfighter actually looks like standard MMA, except that the duration of one round is three minutes, as in amateur MMA, and that the square-shaped arena is set in the middle of the parking garage. Spectators are located right next to the fence, and the edge of the arena is fenced with bags for wrestling and grappling. The graphics that go with the fights and the way the fighter is announced are close to what should actually be a role model, the legendary game Street Fighter.

It is difficult to conclude what the future of this edition of the fights is, but from the published materials it can be concluded that the organizer has invested a lot in this and that they hope that they could do a good job. Fighting in this way seems more raw and brutal, but many will say that it takes them away from the sport and what it is supposed to represent. Despite this, interest in the Czech Republic is high and martial arts gyms are already looking for places for their fighters at upcoming events.

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