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UFC Fight Island Location Finally Revealed

The mysterious Ilha da Luta, which will serve as a home for UFC events from June 27, is located in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, according to Combate.com. The site is the solution found by UFC to make cards with fighters based outside the United States.

Largest of all Emirates, Abu Dhabi has more than 200 islands in its geography. The island used by the UFC should host events in a row between June 27 and the end of July.

Ilha da Luta was a solution found by UFC to hold events with athletes living in other countries during the new coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions on entering the United States on international flights around the world made it difficult for fighters from outside North America to participate.

In Abu Dhabi, restrictions on international flights are less. Whoever arrives in the country is tested on landing, but is not forced into isolation for 14 days; only self-quarantine is recommended until the test result is released. The city has hosted three UFC events, always with arenas set up exclusively for cards. The most recent took place on Yas Island on September 7 of last year, UFC 242, which saw Khabib Nurmagomedov defend the lightweight belt against Dustin Poirier, and the tendency is to repeat itself in events starting on June 27.

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