Mike Tyson Turned Down $18 Million For a Match That Would Delight Most Fans

Tyson: The UFC Is More Popular Than Boxing, But Jones Would Have To Fight Me To Make Serious Money

Several interesting conclusions were drawn by one of the best fighters in history.

Legendary Mike Tyson spoke about the state of boxing and compared it to the UFC. In one brief analysis, the famous knockout artist came to several conclusions.

After Charlie Mack noticed that the heavyweight champion today does not enjoy the respect that royal rulers once enjoyed, Tyson retorted that one of the reasons for this change lies in the fact that boxing today has to compete with more martial arts.

“The UFC is here today, and believe it or not, we even have to compete with wrestling today,” Mike began, emphasizing that he was listened to carefully:

“Listen to this, this is going to be interesting. The UFC is more popular than boxing. There are numbers on the UFC side. Isn’t it? But a UFC fighter will never be richer than a first-class fighter,” said Tyson, who is referring to ‘first-class fighter’ meant elite boxers.

Iron Mike then provided an example:

“To make $100 million, Conor (McGregor) had to fight Floyd (Mayweather). And, say, Jon Jones… He would have to fight me if he wanted to make serious money,” the former world boxing champion concluded.

Let’s point out that Tyson found a perfect example in Jones, because the UFC champion is fighting a big battle with his employer right now, and the problem is, you guessed it – in money.

And we completely agree with Tyson, we even wrote an article about Is MMA/UFC more popular than Boxing, and you can read more about it on our link.

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