Tyson, In The Company of Former UFC Champions, Ran Into a WWE Show and Created Chaos In The Ring

Tyson, In The Company of Former UFC Champions, Ran Into a WWE Show and Created Chaos In The Ring (Video)

While training and preparing for his return to the boxing ring, Mike Tyson also found time to attend a professional wrestling event. He came there in the company of three former UFC champions and caused chaos in the ring where the fans had a great time.

Mike Tyson is serious about returning to the ring and appearing in an exhibition match, earning money to help addicts fight vice. For this reason, he threw himself into a job with coaching legend Rafael Cordeira, and in addition, he could be seen with some other well-known names in world martial arts.

But while waiting for his return to the boxing ring, he walked into another these days. Accompanied by three former UFC champions who visited him on his ranch, Henry Ceyud, Rashad Evans, and Vitor Belfort, Tyson entered the “All Elite Wrestling” promotion ring, where WWE legend Chris Jericho was waiting for him.

“Iron Mike” did his part of the job by, with some trouble performing it, ripping the shirt off his body and getting himself in Jericho’s face. It didn’t take long for real chaos in the ring, in which about 20 people participated. Unfortunately for this type of show, without an audience, since wrestling promotions also had to adapt to current epidemiological measures.

Tyson previously had some guest appearances at professional wrestling events, most of these in the world’s largest promotion, WWE. While it’s clear to all of us that this is a show written script, Mike will no doubt be able to say how he felt the ring after a long time.

His comeback match, which will almost certainly not happen in bare-knuckle despite the rich offer of BKFC promotion, will be the first opportunity for fans to watch Tyson in some real clash since 2005. He then retired in a chair between the sixth and seventh round, in a match against Kevin McBride.

Watch him now making a chaos in the WWE ring!

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