“I’m still fat, still ugly, still bald, still a big man, and I’m still unstoppable.” - Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is the highest paid fighter of today, the ‘Gypsy King’ in terms of earnings ahead of McGregor and boxing rivals

Tyson Fury is the highest paid fighter of today, at least according to the rankings published by the reputable Forbes.

The highest paid active athlete in the world for 2020 is Roger Federer, who according to Forbes has earned 106.3 million dollars in the last 12 months, of which as much as 100 million is sponsorship money.

Behind the legendary tennis player is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with 105 million (45 from sponsors). Third is Argentine Lionel Messi with 104 million (32 from sponsors). It is followed by Brazilian Neymar with 95.5 million (25 from sponsors), and the top 5 closes with NBA star LeBron James with 88.2 million (60 from sponsors).

WBC champion Tyson Fury is currently the highest paid fighter in the world. The ‘Gypsy King’ ranked 11th and, according to available information, earned $ 57 million, of which seven were sponsors.

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor is 16th on this list with $ 48 million, 16 of which came from sponsors.

IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO boxing champion Anthony Joshua is 19th with a million less than UFC star (11 of the sponsors), followed by former WBC champion Deontay Wilder with 46.5 million, of whom ‘only’ $ 500,000 comes from sponsors.

Forbes points out that the 100 highest paid athletes in the world combined earned $ 3.6 billion, which is nine percent less than in 2019 and the first recorded decline since 2016.

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