Boxing Decisions (Unanimous, Majority, Split) Differences

Two locations for the third match between Fury and Wilder might have been revealed, and some dates also appeared

In addition to the tentative date for the third match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, possible locations have also emerged.

The third match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wild should take place this year, and those in charge of the organization are already working on it. The match should not be a problem to organize, especially since Wilder’s goal is to return as soon as possible and try to avenge the heavy defeat, while Fury wants to get rid of this obligation that creates an obstacle in organizing the match against Anthony Joshua. The match will certainly be held this year, and more and more often some specific information about the date and place of the event is appearing.

One of Tyson Fury’s three promoters, the still very vital 88-year-old Bob Arum, has a plan to hold that match. The same probably won’t get as much attention as this one held in February, but Wilder had a right to ask for it and will use that right. What is certain is that the match must be in front of the audience, so only those locations that can make it possible are in play.

“Macau is an opportunity because it attracts real consumers and they have very good protocols. They haven’t had a single case of coronavirus in months. We’ve talked to them and they’re willing to put money on the table for a Fury and Wild match in November or December. Our friends in Australia also speak about that match, probably in Sydney. It’s also a possibility, “Arum revealed.

It is Arum who will launch the return of boxing in just two days, through six smaller Top Rank events in just three weeks. He has secured space inside the MGM Grand complex in Las Vegas and everything is ready for the return of boxing. It is expected that by the end of the summer, some of the biggest matches should be held, those real “blockbusters” with the biggest stars in the main roles.

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