These Are White’s Candidates For Mount Rushmore Of MMA, Do You Agree With His Choice?

These Are White’s Candidates For Mount Rushmore Of MMA, Do You Agree With His Choice?

Dana White gave us his answer to the question – what would Mount Rushmore look like in the MMA version?

The monumental South Dakota granite sculpture created by Gutzon Borglum consists of 60-foot sculptures of the heads of four former U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. And now we’ve also found out what that attraction would have looked like if it had been created by the UFC president by any chance.

White does not lack the option to choose fighters whose faces would adorn Mount Rushmore, and he accepted this challenging task as a guest on The Schmozone Podcast.

“I would have to put Royce Gracie. There’s no discussion here. Amanda Nunes. Yeah, there should be Amanda Nunes who’s the best fighter of all time,” White began, then found it a little harder to fill the remaining two places.

“It’s hard to pick two more people. I would have to say, Jon Jones. That character hasn’t been defeated by anyone yet, and that’s impressive not only because few have succeeded it in this sport, but also because of the things he has done to himself outside of the Octagon, and despite them, he remained undefeated… And number four on Mount Rushmore … I think I should pick Chuck Liddell. He was the biggest star at the time. I’d say in my eyes he’s almost 50-50 between him and Forrest Griffin.” White concluded.

Of course, some will disagree with the UFC president, so he was immediately in the same podcast pointed out to other big names like Anderson Silva and Georges ST-Pierre.

“If you look at what Silva did for Brazil and what the GSP did for Canada… The two of them had a huge and strong impact on the whole country,” Dana commented, confirming how difficult this choice actually was.

Do you agree with the names singled out by White or do you have any other suggestions?

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