The UFC Revolution: Problems With Negotiations With Masvidal as Well

The UFC Revolution: Problems With Negotiations With Masvidal as Well

It is becoming increasingly clear why the UFC has not yet arranged a fight for the welterweight title between Usman and Masvidal.

After Jon Jones expressed his dissatisfaction with the payings, the UFC has similar problems with another big star, Jorge Masvidal. He revealed in several Twitter posts that the UFC does not want to pay him what he thinks is worth, making it automatically clearer why his fight against Kamaru Usman has not yet been agreed, as well as why he called Nate Diaz for a rematch via Twitter.

It all actually started two days ago, when Jorge left a significant entry in which he said he did not expect negotiations to be so difficult. It was already clear that there was a problem with arranging a new fight, but only today did he express more openly how he felt at the moment.

This was the first thing Masvidal wrote, thus making it clear what it was about, to immediately respond to the fan who wrote him that until now it was thought that Usman was creating problems and that therefore the fight for the title has not yet been agreed.

Jorge continued to post something every ten minutes or so, while fan comments piled up below the posts. Through the next tweet, he tried to explain that he would not accept any excuses.

The furious Twitter monologue of one of the currently biggest MMA stars in the world continued.

In his last tweet, he recalled a series that led him to current star status, a win over Darren Till in England, an express knockout against Ben Askren, and a UFC 244 event, where he eventually battled Nate Diaz, whom he defeated by winning the BMF belt.

Is this a revolution in the UFC? Did Jon Jones initiate it with his demands and thus motivate Masvidal to state his position publicly? Will any other UFC stars come forward this way and who is actually next?

The UFC seems to have created a situation in which it could run into trouble. It is clear that looking at the percentage of earnings, fighters are actually paid too little, especially those who have not reached star status, so they are fighting for a few tens of thousands of dollars. If there is a collective revolt, especially in a period like this, they will have to have a very good strategy if they do not intend to change their financial policy. And the fans are there on the side of the fighters, which is also very important to mention.

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