“I’m still fat, still ugly, still bald, still a big man, and I’m still unstoppable.” - Tyson Fury

‘The Gypsy King’ Claims to Have Agreed to a Match With Mike Tyson: ‘I Got a Phone call…’

In the sea of ​​names that have been associated with Mike Tyson in recent days, the current WBC champion Tyson Fury has now appeared, claiming that he has agreed to a fight with a boxing legend.

“I got a phone call about fighting Mike Tyson. I couldn’t believe it. They asked me if I wanted to fight him in an exhibition match, I immediately said – of course!” – revealed Fury in a conversation with BT Sport. But the fact that he agreed to that match does not mean that we will really watch it. The ‘King of the Gypsies’ himself is aware of this and soon added:

“Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to happen. But I think he’s definitely serious about doing some fights. He’s fought with Holyfield twice already and now they’re both old… But who am I to say anything and judge who is capable of what? After so many amazing stories I wouldn’t want to be the one to try to ruin someone’s dreams. If the two of them are ready and healthy to fight, then let them do what they want to do.That’s their life, not mine” Fury said.

And as for Iron Mike, a review of the combat portals can conclude that he does not lack an offer for a comeback match at all.

So these days, in addition to the aforementioned Evander Holyfield, the names of his potential rivals are those of former world champion Shannon Briggs, but also MMA legends Tito Ortiz and Wanderlei Silva.

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