Costa Publishes The Most Impressive Photo Of His Appearance So Far And Also Mentioned Tyson

The Brazilian sets the price: Paulo Costa could ask the UFC for as much as $15 million

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The UFC has learned the amount Paulo Costa could ask for a big clash with Israel Adesanya, but also a potential role in the new season of the popular The Ultimate Fighter series.

UFC President Dana White revealed back in May that they were working on the return of the popular show, and then he pointed out the Costa-Adesanya couple among the main candidates for coaches.

Talking to fans via Twitter, this topic was also thrown in front of the undefeated Brazilian, who revealed through several announcements that “an agreement has not been reached yet” and that “like Jon, he is asking for 15 million for that”.

‘Borrachinha’ mentioned the light heavyweight champion because Jones has been one of the loudest names in the fight for higher UFC fighters’ fees in recent weeks.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Costa and Adesanya should fight for the middleweight title this year.

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