The Bookmakers Determined The Favorite In The Third Clash Between Miocic And Cormier

The Bookmakers Determined The Favorite In The Third Clash Between Miocic And Cormier

The offer for the third fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier has opened in American bookmakers.

Bookmakers have received official confirmation of the UFC 252 event and its main event, in which Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will meet for the third time on August 15. Probably the most intriguing of all three fights so far, this one will have the special attention of fans, bookmakers, but also betting fans. This is already very easy to conclude according to the first open offers.

In the beginning, Miocic was declared a slight favorite, since the odds for him are usually around -125. Cormier is a slight outsider, on whose victory you can currently double your bet. It is set at +105. However, there are a large number of those bookmakers who set up exactly the same offer to the victory of both. We did not come across Cormier as the favorite, but it is not impossible that it will become so if the payments for his victory are more numerous than those on Miocic’s.

It is certainly worth remembering what the odds for the first two fights looked like. UFC 226 fight from July 2018. There, Miocic opened as the favorite with an approximately -200 odds, which dropped to -250 by the day of the fight. Those who bet on Cormier that way made good money. At the start, the odds on his victory were +140, and somewhere he even rose to +175.

The second fight brought a different picture. On the trail of winning the first fight, Cormier was the favorite with the odds ranging between -167 and -133. Miocic’s victory was worth the odds of +110 to +140.

From this, it is clear to conclude that the (mild) outsider celebrated in both fights. We will see if that is the case in this third match.

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