The UFC Honored Us With Footage of Khabib and Conor Fighting (Video)

Take a look at Khabib’s reaction to Conor McGregor KOing Jose Aldo

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Four and a half years ago we witnessed one of the most historical moments in the history of the UFC. After more than a year of trash-talking, preparations, predictions, press conferences, Conor McGregor would finally face against Jose Aldo.

At the time, Aldo was unbeaten for over a decade, 18 fight win streak, UFC’s only featherweight champion, the pound for pound number one fighter on the planet. That night, Conor delivered. He predicted all way long that he will shut Jose down in tremendous fashion. And he did it. With one punch.

That same night, at UFC 194, Las Vegas, Nevada, Khabib was in the crowd. Below, you can see the then lightweight contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s reaction to the Conor’s victory.

A few years later, Conor and Khabib will start what is the biggest rivalry in the history of the UFC, and probably in the history of combat sports.

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