UFC Releases Video of Miocic's Historic Victory: See How Stipe Silenced 45,000 Fans!

Stipe Miocic responded brilliantly to a fan who left a racist comment

Stipe Miočić also joined the supporters of the idea that is why America is currently on its feet, but his Instagram post with a black background led to a couple of negative comments. To one racist connotation, the UFC champion responded precisely in the style of the title he carries, champion.

After, like many people, posting a black background to his Instagram profile with the hashtag “#blackouttuesday,” the UFC heavyweight champion received an unexpected comment. Namely, one of his followers wrote to him that he forgets that most of his fans are white and that this can be seen very well from the comments.

Many would not react to something like that, especially because celebrities get a lot of comments on their posts, so most of them do not respond to any of them. However, Miočić felt the need to further strengthen his position on this issue.

“It’s okay. I’m not worried about my fan base. I’m worried about the world my daughter will grow up in,” Stipe wrote, which actually delighted most of his fans, which can be deduced from the comments that followed.

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