'Enough Crying!' - Miocic Retaliated Against Cormier, Blaydes, and Other Critics!

Sonnen Answered Back to Miocic’s ‘Haters’ and Pointed to a Unique Opportunity: ‘No One Has Done That Yet’

And Chael Sonnen has given his interesting reflection on the current situation in the heavyweight division these days.

Despite the fact that Stipe Miocic recently revealed that he is already negotiating with the UFC about a specific date for his third meeting with Daniel Cormier, the story that his title could be revoked due to inactivity is still current.

“What exactly is the punishment that the haters want for Stipe? What exactly am I missing? Stipe is very reasonable. There is a pandemic, the rules in Ohio are stricter, he is a firefighter… So, what do people who want his title taken away actually say? Are they saying that they want a match between Ngannou and Cormier? Are they saying that the fight between Ngannou and Cormier must be for the title of a champion because only then Stipe is deprived of the title? Or is it about organizing a match for the temporary belt? I think we can all agree on that that the winner of that match should fight Stipe. Should it be for the belt at all then?” Sonnen asks in his podcast.

“If you choose the option to take Stipe’s belt – how do you punish him at all? What if someone else becomes the champion? Clearly Stipe will fight him in his next performance. What’s the difference? Where’s the penalty? He walks around a couple of months and he won’t be able to say he’s the champion? Although he never lost the title, and the two characters he defeated are fighting for the belt… Do you see a problem at all?”

Sonnen then pointed out an interesting fact to all those who call on the UFC to take away Miocic’s title. Namely, if that happens, Stipe will probably have the opportunity to win the UFC heavyweight title for the third time, and that is an endeavor that no one has succeeded in yet.

“This would be a unique opportunity for Stipe. He is already a two-time world champion. It is very difficult to become a champion three times. I want it to hurt you. To all of you who are trying for no reason and in a cruel way to harm Stipe, who has done nothing wrong, moreover, everything he did is right, I want it to hurt you. I want you to understand that no matter what happens the title fight awaits him. And if he runs out of the belt, it will give him a chance to become champion for the third time, and that no one has made it in the heavyweight division yet. It will hurt you and satisfy me,” Sonnen concluded.

To recall, we have not seen Miocic in action since August last year and the UFC 241 event where he took revenge on Daniel Cormier and ascended the UFC throne again. Let us also mention that the break of the current champion was primarily caused by an eye injury he suffered in that duel, and then by a coronavirus pandemic.

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