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Shock After The Announcement Of The New UFC Rankings: ‘That was a slap to my f**kin’ face’

The UFC’s ranking has, for the umpteenth time, come under fire from critics.

After the UFC on ESPN 11 event held in Las Vegas last weekend, there have been some changes in the UFC rankings, and a great fighter from the lightweight category, Shane Burgos (13-2), has a big reason for dissatisfaction.

And while most of the fighters either stayed the same or jumped/fell by one position, Burgos suddenly found itself at the very bottom of the TOP 15 of its category due to the defeat by Josh Emmett (16-2).

It wouldn’t be weird if Shane didn’t enter this match as 10th in the standings, his opponent as eighth. In addition, the fight in which he was defeated by unanimous decision is seriously regarded as the candidate for the best this year, and Emmett’s excellent last round in which he twice overthrew Burgos was decisive.

“Dude, it’s f*kin’ weird,” Burgos told MMA Fighting while appearing on What the Heck. “I lost and I was pissed enough because I felt like I won, but to have that happen on top of that, that was a slap to my f*kin’ face. I lost to the No. 8 ranked guy, a guy that’s been sleeping everybody that he’s been fighting. I went out there and had a f**kin’ Fight of the Year potential kind of fight and then you’re gonna disrespect me like that?

“I f*kin’ hate the rankings. They kind of f**k everything up because, obviously, you only want to fight guys who are ahead of you so you only have X amount of matchups that you can even go for. On top of that, you want to knock me back even more? What the f**k more do you want? I lost a close fight to the No. 8 guy when I was ranked 10. How do I go back that many spots?

“It’s f**kin’ crazy.”

This isn’t the first time the UFC’s ranking has come under fire from critics, and Burgos ’case is particularly striking also because he has had three wins in a row until this match.

“A lot of people are like, ‘F*k that, the rankings don’t mean sh**t. Don’t stress it.’ To an extent, I completely agree. They don’t mean sh*t. They’re somebody’s opinion, but on the other hand, they do mean something. It’s crazy. They don’t mean something, but when it matters they do mean something. It’s frustrating,” Burgos said.

Let us also mention that this was the third victory in a row for his opponent Emmett, but he kept his position after this match. Which in his case even makes sense because he was fighting someone who has ranked two places below him.

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