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Best Focus Mitts For Boxing

Choosing the right focus mitts can elevate your training, prevent injuries, and improve performance. In this article, I’ll share my top picks, discuss leading brands, and provide tips for effective training. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fighter, the right focus mitts are a step toward mastering your skills. Let’s get started on enhancing your training regimen.

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Best boxing gloves for women that are worth your money

I tested 10 of those considered the best boxing gloves for women and found Fairtex Microfibre to be the best among them for its protection and comfort level. Truth be told, the microfibre is lighter and it’s one of the reasons why these gloves are good for everybody, from the cardio classes athlete to the professional fighter.

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Sweet Science of Fighting Review – My Strength Book

We live in the era of apps and if you’re not using them for training you’re wasting an amazing source of tools for your own development. My Strength Book is mainly manual and it will inform you the percentage of the 1RM you’ve been lifting for each of the logged exercises, but that’s all.

How to Wear a Diamond MMA Cup?

How to Wear a Diamond MMA Cup? With a Review 2024

In MMA’s contact sport, there are numerous pieces of equipment designed to prevent any irreversible damage to the fighter. When it comes to the Diamond MMA Cup, you can find it in two forms, either you can get it paired with a jockstrap also produced by Diamond MMA or with compression shorts.

A scene from a professional boxing after speed bag everlast training

Everlast Speed Bag (P00002114 1910): your top choice for home training

The Everlast Speed Bag (P00002114 1910) is an outstanding choice if you’re looking for a reliable and durable focus bag. Behind the scenes, the patented design of the Everlast P00002114 1910 Speed Bag helps create a counter-punching effect that not only increases hand-eye coordination but also helps you get a better workout.

Best BJJ Bag: Pack Everything You Need For The Mats And Beyond

I tested ten of the best BJJ bags and found RevGear Transformer to be the best model thanks to its convertibility, durability, space on the inside, and very acceptable price. 11Buy Now RevGear Transformer is the best BJJ bag in the market for many reasons – it is affordable, large, and spacious, plus it contains backpack straps you can attach or detach.

Best Bjj Rash guards, bjj rash guards, rash guard, way of martial arts

Best BJJ Rash Guards in 2024: Enhance Your Bjj Experience

jiu Jitsu is a pretty young martial art and combat sports discipline, and it has developed quite a huge following in recent years, as it takes details and customs from traditional martial arts, and also adopts practices from this modern day and age. Taking and placing our focus into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rash guard, this gardment is lighter than the surfer’s version, but it allows total mobility due to being pretty light, and it could come with either long sleeves or you can opt to use short sleeve rash guards for bjj, according to your preferences

Boxing gloves - Hayabusa t3 youth

Hayabusa Kid’s T3 Boxing Gloves: Top Choice for Kids boxing gloves

Boxing, and combat sports in general, can provide numerous benefits for kids, including self-confidence, the ability to focus, and physical fitness. For example, the Hayabusa Kid’s T3 gloves have a multi-layered technology foam composition that supplies maximum knuckle protection, ensuring young boxers and Muay Thai practitioners can train and compete safely.

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