Reebok Combat Noble Trainer Review

This is a review of the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer sneakers.

I’ve been a part of the martial arts community for almost thirty years. My road started with boxing, from which I transitioned to wrestling, and ultimately got into mixed martial arts.

Now, I’m an MMA coach (for the last eight years).

Training barefoot might prepare you for real matches the best, but for combat sports such as boxing and wrestling, it’s very important to have a great pair of shoes or sneakers that won’t limit your performance, but rather enhance it.

I found the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer sneakers to be very comfortable and light. The material is high-quality, and the design ensures comfort.

They also look very modern and provide great grip, making you stable on your feet.

This review will go over the physical characteristics of the product, such as the color, size, materials, and design, and then determine how those characteristics might be useful or not useful in martial arts training, especially boxing and wrestling.

Keep reading to see if the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer sneakers are the best option for you.

Reebok Combat Noble Trainer Overview

The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer shoes are a model of footwear designed for athletic purposes.

You can use them for martial arts training, running, or cross-training.

I’ll focus my review on using the shoes for martial arts purposes, especially boxing.

These sneakers are great when it comes to martial arts training, as they are carefully designed to enhance your performance.

They are light, but provide stability for crucial areas of the foot, especially the ankle area, which is highly affected in martial arts movement, regardless of which martial art you’re practicing.

Textile & Mesh Combination

These sneakers are made out of textile and mesh, apart from the hard rubber cushioned soles.

That combination allows the sneakers to be sturdy enough to provide stability for your foot, but also makes them light and airy to retain comfort, even when you are doing the most challenging workouts.

In martial arts, only a small part of your training will happen in the ring.

You’ll hit the bag, run footwork drills, do cardio and strength exercises, and you can do it all in the Reebok Combat Noble sneakers.

You can choose white or black textile, depending on what you prefer.

Mid-Cut Design

The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer is mid-cut-designed: not too high like boxing boots, nor too low like running shoes.

The mid-cut design adds stability and support for your ankle, which is an area heavily influenced in martial arts because of the constant lateral movement, changes in speed, and general footwork.

If they were too high, they might get in the way when doing drills outside of sparring.

However, if they were too low, the sneakers wouldn’t provide enough stability and support for the ankle.

The mid-cut design is perfect for all combat training purposes.

Rubber Soles with Cushioned Midsoles

This is a feature of the sneakers I like the most.

What makes the Combat Noble Trainer shoes even better are the rubber soles, combined with cushioned midsoles.

The rubber soles will give you some extra grip on any surface, be it wooden floors, concrete, tatami, or the mat inside a ring.

That’s something that you’ll learn to highly appreciate because most striking techniques require good friction on the ground.

The midsoles are also nicely cushioned, providing extra shock absorption on each step.

That means your every step will be cushioned, which is crucial when performing quick, explosive moves and changes of direction.

Durable Toe Protection

The area around the toes is strengthened to provide toe protection when performing any sport activities.

There’s a lot of force put onto your toes when doing martial arts, or simply just running.

Having the extra toe protection makes the Combat Noble Trainer shoes stronger and more durable – I had mine for over a year, and they are still just as good as new!

Pros and Cons of the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer

Modern designA bit pricy
Suitable for all combat sportsTakes some time to fit into them
Provide extra stability while remaining comfortable and airyMight not be the best option for in-competition boxing
Mid-cut design protects the ankleHeavier individuals might need extra sole padding
Rubber soles with cushioned midsoles
Increased durability

My Verdict

Overall, I found the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer sneakers to be an ideal choice for martial arts training in general, not only sparring.

They provide stability and comfort, and they are incredibly durable even after extensive use.

The materials are high-quality and very lightweight, making these shoes perfect for combat sports.

They give you ankle support, extra grip & stability, but they are still light and airy enough to stay in theme for hours of training.

I highly advise you to get a pair if you are searching for martial arts training shoes – these will definitely check most of your boxes.

Stefano Secci, French Savate Boxing, and Martial Arts champion
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Stefano Secci

Stefano Secci was born on the outskirts of Genoa. He began practicing sports at 11 by enrolling in a Ju-Jitsu class; from there, I have not stopped playing sports until today. At 16, he switched to French Savate Boxing, which I married and has remained my first and only true love. Our testing and reviewing method.
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