'Enough Crying!' - Miocic Retaliated Against Cormier, Blaydes, and Other Critics!

(PHOTO) Miocic posted an intriguing announcement, fight against Cormier soon ?!

The third fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier could be officially agreed soon,

Among the plans for the near future of the UFC, which Dana White outlined at a press conference after the UFC 250 event ended, was a plan to arrange a third fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. The UFC president said he was very excited about the fight and hoped it could be agreed soon.

Stipe Miocic additionally played the imagination of the fans with his post on Facebook, from which it is easy to read that the negotiations are in a very good phase, if not even done.

“That time has come, too. Who’s ready ?!” the UFC heavyweight champion asked, along with a photo of him entering from the locker room toward the Octagon. It is easy to guess what Stipe is alluding to in this post.

It is to be assumed that Miocic and Cormier could fight again in August, which was win for Miocic last year. The first fight, in which Cormier celebrated, took place in July 2018. The fight would probably have been arranged a few months earlier, had it not been for the pandemic that prevented Miocic from training normally, since his gym was closed. The champion stated that he will sign the contract as soon as he can be offered a date by which he will have the opportunity to make full preparations.

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