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Nutritionists reveal how much weight does Masvidal has to cut on short notice

Mike Dolce will be the man to help Jorge Masvidal around the task of appearing at the weigh-in on Friday with 170 pounds, which is the limit of the welterweight class. Before leaving for Abu Dhabi, Masvidal revealed that he was around 22 pounds overweight, but that this did not worry him. He even posted a photo from the plane where he was eating pizza. Dolce, a nutritionist who less than a decade ago actually patented extreme “cutting” of weight, also believes that there will be no problems.

“Jorge isn’t a big welterweight, he was big in the lightweight category, but he’s not here. He doesn’t lose 35 pounds like some other fighters like Usman. We’re going to fill his body with water and cut bread and carbs. But we can’t reduce all carbs because it could shut down his body. But we will get rid of the heavy and complex ones and continue to cleanse the body with water. He will be on some salads for a few days and then we will do what needs to and sweat the extra pounds, ” Dolce told MMA Junkie, for whom 22 pounds of excess weight is not a problem or a big challenge:

“I don’t see any problem, ten pounds a week is nothing. Do you remember when Chael Sonnen lost so much in one day when we worked together?”

In fact, the famous nutritionist finds it a much more difficult task ahead of Usman, whom he believes has arrived in Abu Dhabi even heavier.

“Usman is a great guy. There should be talk about how Usman will lose his pounds. It will be interesting. But we know him, we know he will succeed in that and he will look like a million dollars on the scales. Also, in the Octagon he will be a much bigger fighter than Masvidal, ”Dolce predicted.

Many like to joke about Usman and his name on Instagram. Namely, although he has been fighting in the welterweight category since his arrival in the UFC, ie up to 170 pounds, the name he uses there is still Usman84kg. But there is no doubt that he enters the Octagon with more weight than he weights the day before, so in fact, his nickname is not far from the truth.

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