Motivated by Diaz's Announcement, Masvidal Called Him Out For a Rematch

Motivated by Diaz’s Announcement, Masvidal Called Him Out For a Rematch

Jorge Masvidal is still waiting for his first appearance this year, and it seems he doesn’t mind doing a new clash against his last opponent, Nate Diaz.

On November 2 last year, Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz by a break after three rounds of fighting, thus winning a BMF belt created just for the occasion. Neither of them has performed since. Masvidal was expected to attack the welterweight title, while Diaz withdrew from the public, with only occasional posts on social media.

One such announcement, however, led to reactions. Diaz was probably motivated by Conor McGregor’s latest series of posts, through which he arranged his list of the best fighters of all time, so of course, he decided to put himself at the top of such a list by posting a photo and calling himself “Baddest Motherf ** ker”.

Masvidal didn’t like that, who won against him for that title and thus assured himself that he could rightly bear that name, which is actually Diaz’s creation. He replied that he did not agree with that, and it was clear that he had a good reason for it.

But he is also ready to offer Diaz a new opportunity, as he has openly offered it to him.

Although he convincingly lost the first three rounds in their fight, Diaz was by no means satisfied with the stoppage that came after the doctor’s assessment that he had too many cuts and that continuing the fight was too much of a risk. He claimed that it was only then that he got involved in the fight in the right way and that he would turn it around in the last two rounds and finish it. Masvidal is ready to offer him a new chance, and it’s up to the UFC to decide if they’re interested in it. Fans probably wouldn’t mind.

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