UFC Releases Video of Miocic's Historic Victory: See How Stipe Silenced 45,000 Fans!

Miocic’s Last Match? Helwani Announced An Unusual Outcome!

The world’s most famous MMA journalist made an interesting prediction.

Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will meet together in the Octagon for the third time in their careers.

After each of them has taken one win in previous matches, the overall winner in one of the greatest trilogies in the history of MMA will be brought to us by the match that awaits us on August 15th. That is, in fact, the date for which the UFC 252 event is scheduled, and the exact location is reportedly still being debated even though Las Vegas is currently the first favorite in that race.

For the former two-time champion Cormier (he said) this should be the last match of his career. DC is 41 years old and it is no secret that he has already planned his life after actively practicing MMA.

On the other hand, Miocic, four years younger, did not announce an end to his career, but the world’s most famous MMA journalist, Ariel Helwani, claims that we could witness an unusual outcome in August.

Helwani in a conversation that appeared on ESPN concludes that Stipe is coming to an end and that we should not be surprised if he retires with Cormier that same evening.

“Although the third match hasn’t even taken place yet, we can discuss here that it’s one of the greatest trilogies in history. The first two fights were incredibly fun. And do you know what’s so weird in this case? I can’t remember the match for a title where there was a possibility that both fighters would retire. DC told us he would retire after this match whether he wins or not. Stipe is also nearing the end. He doesn’t talk so much about it but I believe he is getting close to the end. Will he retire if he loses or will he win and say – ‘I’m done, I have nothing more to prove?’ Because the next one should be Francis Ngannou, and he’s already beaten him… This is not only a great trilogy, but we may also be watching the two of them for the last time here, and that doesn’t usually happen in title fights. it’s even more interesting,” Helwani announced.

How realistic do you think this outcome is?

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