'Enough Crying!' - Miocic Retaliated Against Cormier, Blaydes, and Other Critics!

Miocic Finally Answered: In a Short Announcement, He Revealed Why We Won’t Hear Much From Him This Time

Finally, there was a kind of reaction from Stipe Miocic to contracting the fight against Daniel Cormier.

Stipe Miocic has been very quiet for the last two days. After briefly revealing on his post on social media on Monday that big news is being prepared, he has not yet commented on yesterday’s confirmation of the date for the third fight against Daniel Cormier. Unlike him, DC has already talked about it in several places and revealed that this will surely be the last fight in his career, but also that he intends to silence Stipe Miocic in it and, as he vividly explained, ride off at dusk.

Miocic did not react to that, and from the “Story” post on Instagram and Facebook, it is easy to conclude that he has no intention and that this preparatory camp on his part could pass in silence and without paying attention to what Cormier is saying. Knowing him, that is, knowing how much he likes to be in the media and how he does media work for the UFC and ESPN, there will certainly be such situations, especially since there are 66 full days left until the fight.

“When you build something in silence, people don’t know what to attack,” is the message Miocic left, with a photo of a lion in the background. We transferred the same in the “screenshot” below the paragraph.

On August 15th there will be a lot at stake, especially for Cormier who is hard to bear defeats and it’s hard to imagine how much of a problem it would be for him to retire with two defeats in a row from the man he originally knocked out in the first round.

Miocic will be able to enter this fight much more relaxed. Seeing that he has a championship belt, it seems that he has more to lose. But, taking into account the above facts, as well as the fact that he brings victory from the previous fight, he can prepare in peace. Especially if he really avoids a media war with Cormier. That could actually be particularly frustrating for DC.

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