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Miocic doesn’t like UFC’s decision, sources reveal: ‘Stipe wants a fight in a bigger Octagon’

On Sunday, we finally found out the exact location for the third meeting between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. It will be the APEX complex in Las Vegas which, as expected, due to the size of the cage located there is not a choice that has delighted the current champion. At least that could be deduced from the information obtained by the reputable martial arts portal MMA Fighting.

You can check the size difference of smaller and larger UFC Octagons here.

Stipe and DC will be settling on August 15 and will be the main fight of the big UFC 252 event, and now that duel is spiced up with one important factor as well. Namely, due to the style of the fight and the planned tactics, it could be immediately assumed that the challenger would be the one who would rub his hands with satisfaction after this decision.

“A smaller Octagon would go in my favor. To me as someone who wants to get closer, who wants to wrestle and as someone who has already fought in a smaller cage. At Strikeforce, remember, I performed in a slightly smaller cage. Honestly, it suits me a little better. a smaller Octagon than Stipe fits, ”commented Cormier back in the first half of last week, who apparently received great news from the UFC on Sunday.

And so thrilled, he didn’t seem to be the current champion. Namely, MMA Fighting contacted its source close to Miocic immediately after Dane White’s announcement.

“We received information that Miocic would rather fight in a larger Octagon, but in the APEX complex there is currently a smaller one. To make the problem bigger, our source says that the lighting there is designed specifically for a smaller cage. This could prevent any plan around cage replacement, ”reads the text on MMA Fighting.

Who knows, maybe the UFC will still be able to find a new solution by the date of the fight. Although it doesn’t seem like a viable option at the moment …

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