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Mike Perry will fight on June 27 on Fight Island in a fight many had hoped for

The event to be held by the UFC on ‘Fight Island’ on June 27 received reinforcements in an interesting fight.

After standing out in recent weeks with a new series of outbursts on social media and self-inclined statements, Mike Perry (13-6, 6-6 UFC) will finally fight back. That will be as early as three weeks, or June 27, as his fight against Mickey Gall (6-2, 5-2 UFC) is scheduled for that date. Contracting it has delighted fans, especially since many have been hoping for it for some time.

It will be a fight that for Perry comes at a transitional time in his career. After leaving his wife and then the team, Perry announced that he has no intention of working with coaches nor that he will have anyone in his corner in the next fight except his new girlfriend. Will that really be the case, we’ll find out on UFC Island, where the fight will take place. Knowing Perry, nothing should surprise us.

It will also be a very important fight for “Platinum”, since it was defeated in the last two, at a time when it seemed that it could further fertilize its unquestionable fighting talent. He looked especially bad in December, when he was knocked out by Geoff Neil after just a minute and a half. It was also his first knockout defeat, after he had previously presented incredible endurance, so many believe that his “beard” has given way.

Mickey Gall is a fighter who performs much less than he and sports fans would like. With two appearances in 2019, he finally managed to fix it, but then it happened that he still hadn’t entered the Octagon this year. The great 188 cm tall grappler will perform for the first time at the end of August and win against Salim Touahri.

So far, this show has won a dozen fights on its program, but none of them has yet been confirmed as the main one. But that’s why the event was officially confirmed yesterday as the first the UFC will host on its island.

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